Why Pregnant Jessie James Decker Is "Definitely Done" Having Kids After Baby No. 4

Jessie James Decker sensed a fourth child was in the cards for her and Eric Decker—and joking about vasectomies ensured it. The singer and cookbook author gave E! News a delicious family update.

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Watch: Jessie James Decker "Done" Having Kids After Baby No. 4

Jessie James Decker admittedly was tempting fate by making a whole commercial about husband Eric Decker not getting around to that vasectomy yet.

It was a campaign for Ryan Reynolds' Aviation Gin in which Jessie prepared a cocktail named after the procedure—"So easy," she deemed the, er, recipe—but little did the singer know that fate would have the last laugh.

"We weren't pregnant yet," Jessie told E! News in an exclusive interview, referring to when they shot the ad earlier this year. "Ryan was telling us about how [he and Blake Lively] had just had another baby. And the boys were laughing about how Eric hadn't gotten a vasectomy yet, and I'm just kind of sitting there, like, 'I don't know...'"

She added, "It's funny to think that just a few weeks after that I was going to be getting pregnant."

They found out they were expecting baby No. 4 not long before their 10th wedding anniversary on June 22, Jessie recalled. And while she and Eric had been planning a romantic adults-only getaway to Mexico to celebrate, the mom of daughter Vivianne, 9, and sons Eric Jr., 8, and Forrest, 5,continued, "I was just so emotional and excited and feeling the family love, I was like, 'Let's just switch gears and take the kids with us.'"

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So, they booked a whole different vacation and "it was really special to spend it with the babies," Jessie said, "because we have another baby on the way and it's such a family affair for us."

And while she said "the fourth was a surprise," the 35-year-old had this feeling that their kids were going to get another sibling one of these days.

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"We could not be more excited about it," Jessie continued. "Even though I was set with three, I'm a very intuitive person and just have that thing."

But once the new baby arrives, the family will then be complete as far as she's concerned.

"We're done," Jessie said. "We're definitely not going for a fifth." While she "always knew" they would have a fourth, she added, "I don't see five in the cards at all. I always felt a fourth, so it makes sense."

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And however many are sitting at their table, in chairs low or high, the author of Just Eat: More Than 100 Easy and Delicious Recipes That Taste Just Like Home always has food for a small army on hand.

Harper Collins

"My whole thing on cooking is, let's just get to it," Jessie explained of her latest accessible repertoire of recipes, which is a follow-up to her first cookbook, Just Feed Me. "I am not a chef, I never pretend to be, I am a home cook, and everything I've done has either been taught by my mother, grandmother or has been self-taught."

While the yumfest—and we don't just mean Eric's NSWF promo pic—includes everything from Monkey Bread in all its sugary gooey glory to a lobster risotto she whipped up at a friend's house with a limited larder ("It was like a scene out of a Chopped episode)," Jessie also made sure her kids were represented in the otherwise family-friendly release.

Forrest wants pasta every day, she shared, while Eric Jr. is "a salad guy—I know, he's 8 years old." And Vivianne, "a very serious gymnast," according to Jessie, added her favorite strawberry smoothie recipe to the mix.

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As for her husband redefining the concept of hard sell tactics, Jessie said of course it was her idea for Eric to strip in service of getting the word out about Just Eat.

"He's so gorgeous," she explained of the 36-year-old retired football player, and "so chill, too. He's just easygoing. He's not fazed by a lot, he doesn't care. So he goes along sometimes with my silly little ideas, where he just laughs and, I'm like, 'Hold the book!'"

Let's just say, delicious is a word that doesn't always need to pertain to food in the Decker household.

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Yet that being said, the kitchen obviously sees a lot of action year-round. And as cozy season gets underway, Jessie is looking ahead to the holidays and all the eating that entails. They'll probably be going to another family member's house for Thanksgiving, Jessie said, but then she likes to go all out for Christmas, whipping up a dozen courses on her own.

"I get so excited," she gushed. "It's my favorite time of year. And especially now, I can nest and hibernate and eat and just prepare."

While Jessie was starting to "feel kicks and rolls," she noted, the baby wasn't yet fist-bumping the outside world. Still, the kids were "all trying to put their hands on, like, 'Is the baby moving yet?'" the singer shared. "It's been really sweet."


They do know the sex of baby No. 4 and picked out a name, she revealed: "Everyone's happy, we all agreed on it, so we're rockin' and rollin'." 

But while it made sense to get familial consensus as far as naming this new human being was concerned, Jessie has long since concluded that it's only the opinions coming from inside the house that matter.

"We're so normal and our kids are so healthy and happy and amazing, it would be silly for me to ever get upset about anything," she said of disregarding the parenting critics (i.e. complete strangers) who tend to swarm around famous moms online. "We're doing good, so I'm not worried about it."

Besides, she added, "people are always going to talk—that's social media. And I got too much going on to think about it or worry about it. I got babies to look after."

Just Eat is on sale Oct. 10.

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