Kaitlyn Bristowe Shares Update on Her Journey to Motherhood 6 Years After Freezing Her Eggs

Kaitlyn Bristowe, who froze her eggs back in 2017 when she was 32, shared insight into her family plans: "I really do believe I'm supposed to be a mom."

By Alyssa Morin Aug 31, 2023 6:02 PMTags
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Kaitlyn Bristowe opened up about her plans to start a family.

The Bachelor Nation star recently shared why she feels destined to become a mom following her breakup from fiancé Jason Tartick earlier this month. 

"If it's not in the cards then I'm gonna die," the 38-year-old said, while laughing with guests Shawn Johnson and Andrew East on the Aug. 30 episode of her Off the Vine podcast. "I love kids, I love babies. I really do believe I'm supposed to be a mom."

She added, "It just scares the s--t out of me...It's a scary world."

The Bachelorette alum, who froze her eggs six years ago when she was 32, called herself a "fertile myrtle" for being able to retrieve 14 to 16 eggs at the time. Through the experience, Kaitlyn noted how she also grew to love herself.

"I remember when I was freezing my eggs," she explained, "it really took my focus away from my body dysmorphia and it made me go, 'Wait, our bodies are so cool.'"

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While the reality TV star didn't share additional details about her timeline to have kids, she noted she's not in a rush.

As she put it, "Women are having babies so much later in life now."

Back in March 2017, Kaitlyn revealed that she was preparing herself for motherhood in her own way.

"I'm taking control of my future!" she wrote on X (formerly Twitter). "As a woman there's always pressure to have babies, and this puts my mind at ease for when IM ready."

At the time, Shawn Booth—whom Kaitlyn was engaged before they broke up in 2018 after three years together—praised the star for sharing her egg-freezing journey.

"Always impressed by her strength & courage, but even more so after these past few weeks!" he posted on Instagram. "Very proud of her for taking control of our future and continuing to empower others!"

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Kaitlyn's update on her road to motherhood also comes just a few weeks after she and Jason shared that they had decided to call off their engagement.

"I've gotten to this point where something like going through a breakup, it's a loss," she explained on the Aug. 8 episode of her podcast. "It's grief. You're going through the thought of losing somebody. All of these big emotions."

Jason echoed similar sentiments, as his former partner of four years, expressing that it was "heartbreaking and sad to say goodbye."

"We are saddened with heavy hearts to share that we have decided to end our engagement," Jason wrote, in part, on Instagram. "We are thankful for all of you who gave us the time and space to process this life altering decision as there are many emotions and changes to navigate."

He added, "We feel grateful to be ending our engagement with love and respect for each other."

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