RHOA's Shereé Whitfield Speaks Out About Ex Bob Whitfield's Secret Daughter

The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Shereé Whitfield got candid with her costars after her ex-husband Bob Whitfield revealed he had a child he didn't tell her about for 26 years.

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Shereé Whitfield remains unbothered, even after receiving a baby bombshell from her ex Bob Whitfield.

On The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Aug. 20 episode, the Bravo star was introduced to her ex-husband's daughter Candice, who he kept secret from the She by Shereé founder for 26 years. And during the BravoTV.com after-show, Shereé discussed the shocking revelation with her castmates for the first time publicly.

"From what I gather from my kids is that he's not taking a test," the 53-year-old—who shares son Kairo, 27, and daughter Kaleigh, 24, with Bob—revealed, prompting Marlo Hampton to ask, "So you asked him if it was his daughter?"

Shereé admitted she didn't seek proof, adding, "I never asked him."

Sanya Richards-Ross pointed out Shereé and Bob haven't been together as a couple since splitting in 2007 after seven years of marriage. "You've been out of love with Bob for so long," the Olympian noted. "You're like, 'Who cares?' It's not like it's a new thing."

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Shereé agreed, adding, "Or we were together or [she's] right after or between my kids. It was none of that."

However, Kandi Burruss did not think it was cool for Bob to ambush Shereé at the Sip & See she hosted for granddaughter Mecca.

"I'm glad to know he has a relationship with his child, I just wish he would not have just thrown that on everybody," the XScape singer explained, "or thrown it on Shereé at least, because it seemed like the kids already knew."

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Kandi also thought Shereé was holding back her honest reaction to the news. "Is she just saving face for us so that she just doesn't seem bothered?" she questioned. "Because, regardless of whether they're not together, she was married to him for years. She has a whole family with him. They have history."

During the episode, Shereé kept relatively cool after meeting Candice while her costars were more vocal about their shock. However, Shereé did quip behind Bob's back, "Been a piece of s--t, still a piece of s--t."

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Bravo. Keep reading to relive Shereé's most iconic and meme-able RHOA moments ever.

The Wig Pull Heard 'Round the World

Kim Zolciak-Biermann attempted to ditch her peacemaking dinner with Shereé and NeNe Leakes by storming out of the restaurant, but they just followed her outside. A screaming match ensued, and before long, Sherée was tugging on Kim's wig. Making the moment all the more iconic was her confessional recap of the incident, during which Shereé sternly stated, "I felt the need to tug on her wig. I did not try to pull it off. I did not want to pull it off. I just wanted to shift it a little bit."

Oh, and there's no forgetting the random appearance from Michael Lohan (or as NeNe put it, "Mr. Lindsay Lohan Daddy").


Andy Cohen asking what happened to She by Shereé only for her to quickly reply, "Joggers"? Yeah, that's history.

Chateau Shereé

Chateau Shereé may be a gorgeous, decked-out mansion now, but for a while, her humble abode was mostly just humble. The empty plot of land—or as Phaedra Parks put it when Andy asked her what she saw of her co-star's home, "dirt and grass"—made several appearances on the show, and all of them were equally hilarious.

Shereé vs. NeNe

Few Housewives can go back and forth like Shereé and NeNe can—case in point: the season four reunion. NeNe instructed Shereé to "fix" her body," and before a mere millisecond could pass, Shereé shot back, "Fix that face."

Home Depot Home-Run

Another worthwhile Shereé-NeNe showdown came in season four, when the pair attempted to clear up the confusion over a hosting gig...only to find themselves in a screaming match. Shereé was on her A-game, throwing out insults about everything from NeNe's teeth to her car getting "repo'd out of the parking lot at Home Depot."

Hell Naw

Shereé's confessionals are top-tier, as evidenced by this season nine gem featuring her sipping on Red Bull through a straw while singing Bishop Bullwinkle's viral song, "Hell to the Naw Naw."

That Fight With Marlo Hampton

What's a Real Housewives trip without some drama? Shereé and Marlo Hampton delivered when the Atlanta ladies ventured to South Africa in season four, clashing over Shereé's refusal to invite Marlo to a dinner party. The argument itself was relatively boring, but their theatrics—mocking each other's exaggerated facial expressions, making incoherent noises back and forth—were far from it. 

Those Five Words

Shereé had a pair of sunglasses, a water bottle and a dream. She didn't know it then, but as she argued with combative party planner Anthony Shorter, Shereé was cementing her position in the Bravolebrity Hall of Fame. It all came down to the moment she uttered what may be the most legendary line in the history of Real Housewives—nay, reality TV: "Who gon' check me, boo?"

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