Drew Barrymore Audience Member Recounts “Distraught” Reaction to Man’s Interruption

An attendee at Drew Barrymore's recent NYC event with Reneé Rapp recalled the "aggressive interruption" from a man who rushed the stage, where he told the talk show host that she knew who he was.

By Angie Orellana Hernandez Aug 22, 2023 10:37 PMTags
Watch: Drew Barrymore Escorted Off Stage After Scary Incident

One day after Drew Barrymore was hurried off-stage during a conversation with Reneé Rapp due to a man rushing the stage, an audience member detailed how the interruption moved from seemingly innocent bit to something a bit scarier.

Journalist McKenzie Morrell, who was at the Aug. 21 talk held at 92nd Street Y in New York city, exclusively told E! News that during the event a man suddenly "walked briskly down the right orchestra aisle," while shouting Drew's name.

Given Barrymore's friendly response—footage posted on social media show her saying "On my god, yes, hi" to the man—Morrell said that she and several other audience members thought the exchange was part of a skit. However, it soon became clear that wasn't the case.

"He proceeded to aggressively approach Drew/Reneé," Morrell explained to E! News. "He said that Drew knew him, emphasizing that he needs to see her at some point while he's in NYC. Almost instantaneously, security guards swarmed him while Reneé ushered Drew off stage within seconds of the ordeal."

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As for what how the audience responded to the incident?

"The audience was pretty distraught," Morrell recalled, "as we weren't sure what had happened and what this man's intentions were."

Nonetheless, Barrymore and Rapp didn't let the situation disrupt the evening.

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"Within a few minutes of his removal, both Reneé and Drew returned to the stage, greeting us warmly despite the jarring incident," Morrell continued. "They picked right up where they left off and continued to have an in-depth (and often hilarious) conversation about life, the industry and Reneé's new music."

Despite the "aggressive interruption in the beginning," the Charlie's Angels actress and Sex Lives of College Girls star continued through with their event—which included Rapp performing three sings in addition to the conversation.

"People were definitely shaken up," Morrell said, "but both ladies made the night memorable for all the right reasons."

E! News previously reached out to reps for Drew, the 92Y and the New York Police Department for comment and has not heard back.

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