Cancer Shoppable Horoscope: Birthday Gifts To Nurture, Inspire & Soothe Our Crab Besties

If you're looking for the perfect birthday gifts for Cancers, this list is the place to start.

By Sophy Ziss Jun 22, 2023 5:26 PMTags
Ecomm: Cancer Shoppable Horoscope

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Loving, contemplative, and ever-so-emotional, Cancers make loyal friends and supportive romantic partners. Born under the sign of the Crab, they often behave accordingly; our darling water sign friends often have a hard outer shell with a super-soft center. Or they need to retreat into their shells. Or, sometimes, they don't have them at all.

Of course, we love them for that. We love that they get excited easily, love immediately, and laugh hard, and we admire their capacity to feel big, good or bad. That said, we also feel for them. Being that intense all the time takes its toll! They often give so much to others that they neglect to take the time for themselves.

That's why I've put together this list of gifts for Cancer birthdays that will make them feel as full of support as your friendship does. Also, they'll very likely cry no matter what you get them. But with Cancers, that's almost always good thing.

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Joanna Buchanan Crab Wine Charms

These glittering wine charms honor your fave's astrological symbol and keeps things organized.

Mint & Lily I Love You To The Moon And Back Cuff Bracelet

Show your Cancer bestie just how much you love them with this everyday cuff bracelet. Just don't be surprised when it makes them cry happy tears, okay?

Bearaby Hugget Stress Relief Pillow

Mushy and closed-off in equal measure, Cancers are known to spend a lot of time in their heads. This weighted pillow from Bearaby gives them something to squish it all into, and possibly help them relax, too. 

Katie Dean Jewelry Moon Ring

Water signs share an association with the ocean, and by extension, the moon. (She does control the tides, after all.) This minimalist ring celebrates that fact in boho-chic style.

SUNNYLIFE Canvas Cooler Bag | Jardin Ocean

Summer birthdays often make beach bums. I mean, water signs? Crabs? Come on now. (BTW, "cancer" is crab in Latin. That's where that comes from.) This canvas cooler bag from the brand that knows beach life best makes sure that every day by the ocean can be like a (well-hydrated) birthday party. 

Oradina Zodiac Pendant Necklace

Oradina's elegant pendant necklace offers a way for your Cancer bestie to wear the sign of their, well, sign, with pride.

Sunday Citizen Braided Pom Pom Throw

When Cancers need to retreat inside their shells, they do it up. This sophisticated yet cozy throw from Sunday Citizen says "I support your need to just chill right now" without you actually having to say it.

Sterling Forever Teardrop Stud Earrings

I'm not saying that Cancers are known to do a lot of crying....but they're certainly emotional. And rightly so! These teardrop-shaped earrings are a cheeky way to honor that pastime, and they do so with style, too.

Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Lipstick

No one does drama quite like a Cancer. The first to laugh and the first to cry, everything they feel is intense with a capital I. Lime Crime's bestselling liquid lipstick encourages them to lean in to those Big Feels with their signature flair.

moon and jai Clear Quartz Amulet

Clear quartz, often known as "the master healer," is "believed to protect the energy of [one's] home and shield from any kind of harm and negativity," says moon and jai. By "encouraging clarity of thought," as well, it should help to "amplify any positive energy," which makes it "an excellent stone for manifestation and stronger connections to a higher guidance." And a really good gift for the price, too.

Flowjo The Self Care Bucket List

Naturally sympathetic, empathetic, and full of feelings in general, Cancers are natural-born caretakers. In fact, they're so devoted to their loved ones that all too often, they burn out — not leaving any time for themselves. Flowjo's Self-Care Bucket List game makes it easy to for them designate time to focus on themselves, and saves them the chore of having to decide how, too.

Joanna Buchanan Ruby Candle

Just because Cancer season starts in June doesn't mean our July faves should be left out! This Ruby Candle from Joanna Buchanan is like a work of art they can use, and it pays tribute to the classic July gemstone.

Plum Beauty Glass Cooling Facial Globes

I think we've well established that our Cancer babes need more than a little time to cry. These cooling globes make it easy to soothe and depuff tired eyes when the occasion calls for it.

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