Miranda Lambert Stops Las Vegas Concert to Call Out Fans for Taking Selfies

Miranda Lambert stopped mid-concert at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas to address fans who she felt were more concerned with selfies then her performance.

By Alexandra Bellusci Jul 17, 2023 7:16 PMTags
Watch: Miranda Lambert Stops Concert to Call Out Fans Taking Selfies

Miranda Lambert isn't here for those actin' up at her concert. Or taking selfies.

The country singer briefly paused her performance of "Tin Man" during the July 15 show of her Miranda Lambert: Velvet Rodeo The Las Vegas Residency to address fans who were taking selfies while she sang.

"These girls are worried about their selfie and not listening to the song," Miranda was seen saying in a July 16 TikTok as she pointed to two fans in the crowd. "It's pissing me off a little bit."

As some concertgoers cheered, the 39-year-old added, "We're here to hear some country music tonight. I'm singing some country damn music."

She then launched back into the show, starting the 2016 hit over from the beginning.

But while many fans cheered along as she called out those distracted from the music, not everyone in the crowd was too pleased. After the Grammy winner started singing "Tin Man," seven people could be seen exiting the venue, with one person shouting, "Let's go, come on, you don't do that to fans."

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Meanwhile, several TikTok users weighed in on the drama in the comment section of the video, with many sharing their contempt for Miranda's actions.

One user wrote, "Maybe they were taking the selfies or videos to remember the occasion. I think she was out of line," as another chimed in, "I love Miranda but what?!"

Rounding out the comments, one user posed the question, "Who doesn't take pictures at a concert?" 

But not everyone were against the "Drunk" singer, as one fan defended Miranda in the comments, writing, "Good for Miranda. This song is so special and beautiful."


Meanwhile, Miranda has been vocal in past months about why her Las Vegas residency is so special to her, after years of life on the road.

"I love that I can stay in one spot for three weeks," she exclusively told E! News in April, "because I'm used to moving all the time on tour, so it's been nice to just chill."

And although we saw what recently went down onstage, at the time Miranda gave E! a glimpse into what happens backstage when it comes to pre-show rituals. As she put it, "We always do a shot of good tequila with the band and crew before we walk on stage."

But after the recent selfie-gate, we can only hope that the show had the star's must-have essentials behind-the-scenes. As for that that consists of? "Dogs!" Miranda added. "They're good moral support."