Sophia Culpo Seemingly Shades Ex Braxton Berrios and His Rumored Girlfriend Alix Earle

Sophia Culpo seems to have made a comment about her ex-boyfriend Braxton Berrios' romantic weekend in the Hamptons with TikToker Alix Earle.

By Hayley Santaflorentina Jun 27, 2023 8:58 PMTags
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You can leave your sunglasses behind—because the forecast is looking partly shady. 

Sophia Culpo appears to have made a statement regarding her ex-boyfriend Braxton Berrios and his rumored new love interest, Alix Earle, after the pair spent the weekend together in the Hamptons

"Give it a few," Sophia captioned a since-deleted TikTok, per People, "but call me when the lovebombing ends. I gotchu #girltok #narcredflag."

When fans began speculating that the post was in response to Alix and Braxton's romantic weekend together—which she documented on TikTok without directly referencing the NFL player—Sophia took to her Instagram Story to clear the air. 

"I'm sorry the internet has their panties in a wad. It wasn't that deep," the 26-year-old said in the June 26 post. "It really wasn't that deep. I'm literally getting texts from my friends like, 'I'm thinking of you, are you doing okay?' I'm good. I'm good. The internet is wild, but we're good."

E! News has reached out to reps for Sophia, Braxton and Alix for comment, but has not heard back. 

Sophia Culpo & Braxton Berrios' Cutest Pics

Braxton later posted a video on his Instagram Story on June 27, saying, "I want this to be over and everybody move on." 

He explained that he was in a "good" and "healthy" relationship for two years but they "just weren't working out," adding, "When we split back in January, that's why. It had nothing to do with anything else. It had nothing to do with anybody else, for that matter."


Sophia and the Miami Dolphins player dated for two years before news of their split broke in March. 

The Culpo Sisters star confirmed her breakup on social media, writing on a March 22 TikTok video with her sister, Aurora Culpo, "The single sisters. Come and get her!!!!!" She added the hashtags #SingleLife #Dating #SoSingle to her caption. 


Sophia later elaborated on her breakup in an Instagram Q&A in April, sharing the relationship "didn't end well or honestly."

"A lot of trust was broken," she continued. "But I have an amazing support system and I appreciate everyone's love & support so so much."

The influencer also spoke to her decision to move back to California and out of the New Jersey house she and Braxton once shared. 

"I'm really grateful that I'm even able to pick myself up and move myself to a new place of my own," she said. "I don't wish what I went through on anybody. I really, really don't. I'm trying my best to just take the high road here."

For their part, Alix and Braxton first sparked romance rumors in May after the two were seen partying together in Miami

Fuel was only added to the fire when the TikToker shared videos of her weekend at the Palm Tree Music Festival in Westhampton, NY. Though her videos—which include her hugging and kissing a man in bed—don't reveal the person's name or face, fans were quick to name Braxton in the comments. Additionally, a picture of the 22-year-old and the wide receiver was shared on the music festival's official Instagram.

But after fans began to jump to conclusions about the two, with one user writing "HARD LAUNCH" under the June 25 video, Alix was quick to set the record straight. 

"We're not even 'dating,'" she replied to the comment, "but just hard for me to not share stuff w u guys hahahaha."

This article was updated June 27, 2023 at 3:11 p.m. PT with Braxton's Instagram Story video.

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