Alix Earle Teases New Romance 3 Months After Tyler Wade Breakup

Influencer Alix Earle shared on TikTok that she has a sushi date with a mystery man three months after she and boyfriend Tyler Wade split in December. Here’s what she teased of the outing.

By Alexandra Bellusci Mar 22, 2023 6:35 PMTags
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Alix Earle is ready to roll.

Three months after splitting from baseball player Tyler Wade, the influencer proved she's back in the dating game with a new TikTok taking her followers along as she got ready for an upcoming date making sushi with a mystery man.

"This is probably one of my favorite things to do and you're probably wondering why I am getting ready," Alix said of sushi-making in the March 21 video. "I am making it with someone I met the other night and I feel that cooking is a fun activity and I love sushi."

Noting that she likes to make her own sushi rolls, the 22-year-old hinted at what fans could expect Alix and her date to be making.

"I usually make tuna and salmon," the TikToker continued. "Then you can make the spicy tuna crispy rice."

And for Alix, it was a no brainer to keep her 4.8 million followers in the loop on her dating journey—even if it kept her date waiting.

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"I'm really late right now," Alix revealed, "and I am pretty sure he's just sitting outside and I'm like, 'Well I have to make a TikTok.'"

But that's not to say she didn't have pre-date jitters as she concluded the video, "I'm nervous right now, I am freaking out. Wish me luck with the sushi!"

@alixearle Filming a day in my life , you will see the outcome in the morning ?????? #grwm #sushi #umiami ? original sound - alix earle

Alix's date night comes three months after she and Tyler broke up. The University of Miami student and the former Yankees baseball player were together for three months before ultimately calling it quits in December, a tidbit Alix kept from her followers until one user noticed he was visibility absent from her posts.

"We haven't been together for a hot minute," Alix said during a TikTok live at the time. "I've just been hiding it from you guys because I didn't feel like dealing with it right now. Even stuff I posted of me and my boyfriend—we were not even dating like a week or two ago."

"We have been fighting for a bit," she continued. "I just was not happy with the way I was feeling. He wouldn't post me. We went to a wedding and got all these good photos together and two selfies of him, and he was like, 'Oh how many pictures should I post?' and I was thinking, 'Aw he's going to post me.'"

However, shortly after the split, Alix proved she's busy living her best life posting a TikTok of herself on a private plane with the audio, "Damn, y'all broke up? Nah, she broke, I'm up." She captioned the video, "What would Alix do?"

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