Why Taylor Lautner Doesn't Want a Twilight Reboot

Taylor Lautner didn’t hold back when sharing his thoughts about a potential TV adaptation of Twilight.

By Alexandra Bellusci Jun 27, 2023 7:21 PMTags
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Forget Edward and Jacob, Taylor Lautner is Team No Reboot.

The Twilight alum recently weighed in on the possibility that the franchise—based on Stephenie Meyer's book series—would be turned into a TV series. While on the Chicks in the Office podcast's June 23 episode, Taylor admitted that his first reaction to hearing about the possibility of a new adaptation was a simple, "Hm that's interesting."

But after hosts Maria Ciuffe and Francesca Mariano expressed their hesitation, citing Kristen Stewart's masterful "awkward and dry" performance as Bella Swan, the 31-year-old agreed wholeheartedly.

"I know, I know," the 31-year-old, who played Jacob Black in the films, said. "It's tricky I think I am with you guys. I don't know what they have in mind."

And although they aren't looking for a Twilight reboot, they had no issue reminiscing on some of Jacob's famous lines from the franchise. Specifically, how popular his line 'Where the hell you been loca?' has become in the more than a decade since Twilight: New Moon was released in 2009.


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"I didn't understand it," Taylor revealed, of the quote becoming such a phenomenon online. "I still don't. Now I know that it is a thing but at first I didn't understand why people were asking me to say it."

The Scream Queens alum's comments come a month sharing that he initially struggled with the mega-stardom that resulted from Twilight. These days, he only has "fond memories" of his time in the film series.



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"I was always incredibly thankful and feel super blessed for what it brought me but maybe there was a little bit of, like, resentment, deep in there, going like 'I wish I could have experienced this part of normalcy,'" he said at the time on SiriusXM's TODAY Radio Show. "Now, I wouldn't change it, but I think it needed the growth to get to that place."