Vanderpump Rules' Tom Sandoval Eviscerated for "Low Blow" About Sex Life With Ariana Madix

In the Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion finale on June 7, Tom Sandoval ridiculed ex Ariana Madix for what she wore in bed while they had sex.

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Watch: Hear Tom Sandoval's Comment About Ariana That Drew GASPS from Cast

Even Lisa Vanderpump called this one a "low blow." 

Tom Sandoval dissed ex Ariana Madix during the Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion June 7 by making a dig about what she wore during sex.

After host Andy Cohen asked Tom if he had slept with anyone else since his affair with co-star Raquel Leviss began, the musician said there was no one else in the picture. However, this led Ariana to clarify, "You know who he did sleep with after him and Raquel started sleeping together? Me."

Tom retorted, "Yeah, she kept her T-shirt on. It was really hot."

The cast was shocked by his answer, with Lala Kent clapping back, "You're such a f--king dick!"

Raquel's ex James Kennedy called him "f--king disgusting," and even Tom Schwartz told his bestie it was a bad move. "Don't say that," he said. "Don't say that." Tom Sandoval responded, "I'm sorry."

As for Ariana? She declared, "He is disgusting."

A Timeline of the Vanderpump Rules Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix Break Up Drama

After Lisa weighed in, Lala turned to Tom's new lover and told her, "This is your future, Raquel. He's gonna talk to you like this, too."

Tom previously told Howie Mandel in an April interview that "there were a lot of ways where the relationship [with Ariana] was just lacking the intimacy, the connection."


He also claimed in the May 24 Vanderpump Rules reunion episode that he and Ariana had been putting up a "front" with their romance and weren't as close as they seemed. 

"Ariana and I kept our relationship pretty private for many years," the 40-year-old said. "We had issues. I felt like I was her gay BFF. We put on a front when we were filming... For us to be having these issues and keeping it from people, I just didn't think it was fair to the rest of the cast."

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Tom went on to apologize to his girlfriend of nine years for the infidelity, but Ariana later told him, "He has victim-blamed me 100 percent of the way, so I don't believe anything that just came out of his mouth."

Keep reading for more revelations from the Vanderpump Rules reunion.

Ariana Madix Rips Into Raquel Leviss

Upon joining her co-stars on set in part three of the Vanderpump Rules reunion, Raquel Leviss swiftly addressed her betrayal to everyone. "I'm super embarrassed and not proud of myself," she admitted. "And I know I owe a lot of people in this room an apology."

But when she called her behavior "super, super selfish," Ariana Madix exploded.

"Selfish does not f--king cover it, bitch," Madix shot back. "Diabolical, demented, disgusting, subhuman—start getting a better vocabulary to describe your f--king actions because selfish does not f--king cover it."


Raquel Leviss Encouraged Tom Sandoval to Reconsider His Relationship

In a clip from Leviss' one-on-one interview with Andy Cohen, the Watch What Happens Live host questioned if she ever tried to get Tom Sandoval to break up with Madix during their affair.

"I encouraged him to reflect and see if he was really happy," the former beauty queen admitted, "because, as a friend first and foremost, I wanted him to be in a situation that made him truly happy."

Back on set with the rest of the cast, Leviss addressed the cringe sex talk from earlier in the season, in which she told Madix to have more sex with Sandoval.

She insisted, "I genuinely was coming from a place of, 'Do you want to be in this relationship?'"

Madix did not accept the explanation. "The answer was yes and you had already f--ked him at that point so shut the f--k up," she yelled in response. "F--k yourself with a f--king cheese grater. You f--king suck, you're disgusting and I wish nothing but the worst f--king s--t that could ever happen to a person on you!"

Raquel Leviss' Long Apology to Ariana Madix

Leviss later admitted she considered skipping the reunion over fears of facing her former friends before delivering a lengthy apology to Madix.

"I'm so ashamed and embarrassed that I'm even capable of keeping this secret from somebody who has been in my corner since the beginning," she shared. "Ariana, I am so sorry for betraying you. I can't even fathom the pain that I've caused you. And I have been completely selfish and, you're right, selfish is not the right word because it doesn't even begin to describe the state of mind I have been in. It was a mistake."

Addressing the cast as a whole, she continued, "The way that we have betrayed the people closest to us was detrimental to all of our friendships and I'm seeing all of the consequences for my actions that I never even considered because I was living in the moment."

Madix's response? "So my dog had just died, I cried in your f--king arms and you thought, 'I should go f--k her boyfriend?'" she fired back. "You are lower than the f--king lowest of low people. You're a f--king psychopath. You are terrifying to me as a person. The fact that you are capable of this s--t is un-f--king-believable. You're a dementor, I know you like Harry Potter."

Raquel Leviss & Tom Sandoval Admit They Are Still in Love

Cohen finally asked the question everyone was wondering: "You are still in love?"

Leviss nodded in confirmation, to which Madix replied, "You are ugly, you are hideous, you are rotten inside."

Cohen then posed the same question to the TomTom co-owner and, after an extremely long pause, Sandoval finally confirmed, "I'm sorry, yes."

His ex of nine years reacted, "Honestly, that's the most pathetic thing I've ever heard. This is a joke."

Ariana Madix Breaks Down Over the Support She's Received

Amid all the drama of Sandoval and Leviss' reckonings, Tom Schwartz posed an unexpected question to Madix: What did it feel like to have the whole world rally behind her in support following the scandal?

Madix began to cry and answered, "It's what kept me going. My friends and my family, you guys and strangers I've never met, it's honestly what kept me going. I had a week-and-a-half where I didn't eat and lost, like, eight pounds. I couldn't do anything. I had someone stay with me every night because I felt like I needed to be babysat, honestly. I just can't think of two worse people, I can't."

Katie Maloney assured her BFF, "Your life is getting better by the minute."

Raquel Leviss Explains Her & Tom Sandoval's Matching Lightning Bolt Necklaces

Right after Scandoval broke in March, fans immediately noticed both Sandoval and Leviss had been wearing lightning bolt necklaces during their affair. Leviss even bought hers on camera during season 10.

"It was significant to who he became in my life," she said during the reunion, "and I know that's not what anyone wants to hear."

Lisa Vanderpump couldn't believe Leviss' audacity in purchasing the necklace on the show. "I don't understand this because you knew it was on camera," the Sur owner responded. "It's so provocative. It's just like having the conversation with Ariana, it's almost like you were acting out some kind of weird charade."

Leviss replied, "I know, I was cringing so hard watching that back."

Tom Sandoval Makes Shocking Sex Dig at Ariana Madix

Cohen grilled Sandoval about his cheating, asking if he'd hooked up with anyone else since starting the affair, to which he replied no.

Madix noted, "You know who he did sleep with after he and Raquel started sleeping together? Me."

Sandoval sarcastically responded with a dig about Madix that shocked everyone: "Yeah, she kept her T-shirt on. It was really hot."

Lala Kent fired back, "You're such a f--king d--k!" while James Kennedy chimed in, "You're f--king disgusting!"

Even Schwartz condemned his BFF's jab, telling him, "Don't say that. Don't say that."

Scheana Shay, who was watching from a trailer 100 yards away due to the temporary restraining order Leviss obtained against her, was equally appalled. "I wanna throw this at the TV," she said while holding a White Claw seltzer, "but I won't."

Tom Sandoval & Raquel Leviss Have Private Heart-to-Heart During a Break

After Cohen dismissed Leviss from set for a cast break (and so Shay could return), she and Sandoval reunited in her dressing room to rehash their confrontations with everyone.

"I thought you were really good," he told her after they shared a hug. "Way better than me."

But looks can be deceiving. "That was brutal," she said. "It's hard to admit to everything and when everything's laid out in front of you, everything that we've done, and how we've hurt so many people, it's really hard to accept that. And seeing the person I've become, this isn't who I want to be. I don't want to be a person who hurts other people."

Despite getting verbally annihilated by their co-stars, the two found humor in one aspect of their exile from the friend group. Sandoval joked, "They're like, 'Now we can all unite together. We'll see how long that lasts."

Leviss replied with a laugh, "If they have a common enemy, it could last a while. I guess these are the consequences."

Tom Sandoval's Final Tear-Filled "I Love You" to Ariana Madix

Cohen concluded the reunion in usual fashion by asking for final remarks from each castmember. Sandoval took his time to deliver an extremely emotional apology to Madix.

"I understand what I did is very, very f--ked up, but understand that, like, I'm a human and I make mistakes," he sobbed, wiping away tears. "I make f--king terrible mistakes and I hurt somebody I've never loved ever more in my entire life. Ariana, I know that you hate me and it's OK, I f--king understand. But I want you to know that I will always love you and I will always be cheering you on from afar. Always."

For Madix, she was ready to move on. "I will not forgive him," she stated, "and I will not be cheering him on from afar."

Raquel Leviss' Revelation in the Final Moments

In an interview filmed six days after the reunion, Leviss dropped a major bombshell, explaining it was "important" for her to finally tell the truth. 

"I think that I've been lying and being so deceitful this entire time that I don't want to lie anymore," Leviss said. "But it's all out there. The worst of it is out there, but I'm still finding myself having to lie about specific timeline things."

When asked by a producer why she lied, Leviss said Sandoval felt "it would be less hurtful to say that this wasn't going on for so long."

So when did their affair actually begin? Leviss revealed the second time they hooked up was while the cast was in Mexico for Shay's wedding, after which it became a regular occurence. "It definitely picked up steam more after filming," she said.

Leviss then confirmed that she had met Sandoval's family and had traveled to his hometown of St. Louis. 

Finally, Leviss revealed that she and Sandoval slept together when Madix was out of town for her grandmother's funeral.

"This is the one story that we've agreed on getting straight and I know the reason that Tom wanted to lie about it is because it's a really bad look to hook up with someone's boyfriend in their own house when they've gone out of town especially for like a funeral of all things," a crying Leviss said. "So I don't know, this has f--king killed my soul. I am so sick of lying. I hate it. I hate being deceitful. It's horrible."

As for why she initially agreed to lie about the timeline, Leviss admitted that Sandoval has asked her not to disclose the information. "Especially now with being so isolated," she explained, "I feel like Tom is like my one person that I do have and if I just went and betrayed him then I'd really have nobody.

Lala Kent & James Kennedy Fight With Lisa Vanderpump

Part two kicked off with a screaming match between Tom Sandoval, Lala Kent and James Kennedy, with Lisa Vanderpump coming to Sandoval's defense.

"Lala, sometimes you've been pretty aggressive," the Sur owner chastised, to which Kent fired back to her former boss, "You guys, stop!" Vanderpump, surprised, replied, "I got to stop?"

Kennedy agreed with Kent. "You're sticking up for Tom too much," he told Vanderpump, before storming off set and yelling, "I'm not going to listen to this s--t."

After cooling down, Kennedy returned to set and apologized to Vanderpump and Cohen. "I'm so sorry Lisa, I love you," he said. "Andy, I'm so sorry, mate."

Cohen's response? "Just stay in your f--king chair, honestly."

Lala Kent Responds to Randall Emmett Controversy

Cohen set aside time to grill Kent about her scandal-plagued ex-fiancé Randall Emmett and inquired why their 2-year-old daughter Ocean did not appear during season 10.

"He sent a legal letter saying that she was not allowed to be on camera," Kent revealed, "you can't use pictures, no video, no nothing."

Cohen then brought up the explosive 2022 L.A. Times article that accused Emmett of running a casting couch and other illegal activities, all of which he has vehemently denied. When asked if she was surprised by the exposé, Kent replied, "Yes and no," adding she now has 20/20 vision when it comes to red flags in their relationship.

Recounting how Kent auditioned to be in one of the producer's films shortly after they met in 2015, Cohen inquired, "Do you feel like you had to sleep with him in exchange for getting a part?" She replied, "I actually did not."

Tom Sandoval & Raquel Leviss Reunite During Lunch Break

When the cast took a break for lunch, Sandoval headed straight for Leviss' trailer to rehash everything that went down so far after sharing a hug.

"They're making you and me out to be pathological liars," he told his lover, to which she replied, "I see that, even though we know that we're not and we haven't lied about anything besides this affair."

Leviss, who had been watching the drama unfold on a TV monitor 100 yards away, revealed her biggest issue with the conversation surrounding his and ex-girlfriend Ariana Madix's relationship.

"I don't love the way it's coming across about your guys' intimacy," she admitted. "Just watching what you guys taped just now, it looks like you guys had this solid relationship."

The TomTom co-owner did admit they should have come clean about their affair much earlier. "It's rough," he continued. "Ariana is going to unleash on you. I'm glad you came though."

Leviss replied, "It just sucks because my entire character is in question now. I have gone through a transitional phase in my life this summer. I think the pendulum did swing a little too far the other way and this is my wake up call."

Sandoval told her sweetly, "I believe in you."

Tom Sandoval Loses It on the Cameras

After Sandoval and Leviss' heart-to-heart, he was officially done discussing the drama on camera and lost it on the crew.

"OK, I'm done filming. I'm done," he declared. "Can we have, like, a for real break where we're not being filmed?"

A producer stepped in to calm him down and explained, "Cameras are up when anyone's together the whole time. You can have time if you need time to yourself."

Which he still wasn't having. "No, man, I'm gonna f--king flip and get the hell out of here," Sandoval exploded. "I need a break from filming! Stop filming me! I want to talk to her, like, I don't want a camera in my f--king goddamn face."

He continued, "I don't feel relaxed, she doesn't either. We have to watch what we f--king say, I don't want that. I'm in a very delicate position."

Tom Sandoval Claims James Kennedy Drunkenly Spanked a Waitress

Ally Lewber joined boyfriend James Kennedy and talk quickly turned to his temper while he's drinking.

"Even though I am drinking again, it is a lot different from how it used to be for me," the DJ, who was previously sober, insisted. "I will never go back to that boy I was two and a half years before I did quit drinking."

Sandoval scoffed "OK, James" before revealing a never-before-heard story about Kennedy allegedly partying too hard on the job.

"We had this ongoing job in Atlantic City," he shared. "And the last time that we were there, you were belligerently drunk with no shirt on. Security came to me and said your friend is going to get kicked off the premises. The manager told me later that you had smacked the waitress on the ass and that they had to have her sign a form saying that she wasn't going to file a suit."

Kennedy's response? "You two just have to show up to get drunk," he snapped at Sandoval and Schwartz. "That's all you have to do to get paid, show up and get drunk."

The Cast Weighs in on Scheana Shay & Raquel Leviss' Alleged Altercation

After Leviss filed a temporary restraining order against Scheana Shay, Cohen asked the cast if they believed Leviss' allegation that Shay punched her.

Vanderpump chimed in, "I think she might have slapped her," while Katie Maloney defended her friend, "Look at her fingernails, she can't make a fist."

Though Sandoval initially hesitated to weigh in, he eventually shared, "I'm between a rock and a hard place. The thing is, I don't want to upset my relationship with Scheana, but I want to tell the truth."

Sandoval claimed he heard Shay say, "'I just punched that bitch in the face and threw her phone in the street,'" but Madix vehemently denied that happened, adding, "She said 'I pushed her,' she never said punched." 

Raquel Leviss' Shocking Delivery to Scheana Shay

The restraining order discussion ended with Cohen making a shocking announcement. "Scheana, I do have something for you. This is from Raquel," he shared. "She's not allowed to give it to you in person. She gave it to me to give you."

Cut to Cohen's one-on-one sit-down with Leviss where she addressed taking legal action against her former BFF. "I completely regret filing the restraining order and I've been taking every measure to get it dropped," the former beauty queen said. "I spoke with my lawyer and he was able to file a request to dismiss the court hearing altogether and this is the paperwork showing that for Scheana."

After receiving the docs from Cohen, Shay broke down in tears.

"Having this for the last few weeks—first of all, the betrayal," she wept. "Two of my best friends, that is heartbreaking in itself. But then to throw all of this on top of it when I did nothing but take care of her. I gave her a home to live in when she didn't have anywhere to go. I was the sister to her that she didn't have growing up. I did everything for her, and for her to do this to me, it has taken such a toll on me."

Raquel Leviss & Tom Sandoval Planned to Lie About the Timeline of Their Affair

During Leviss' solo interview, she shared her timeline of the affair, which she confirmed began last August. "He made me feel heard and seen," she told Cohen, "and those were feelings that I haven't really felt maybe ever."

Leviss admitted she was probably a little naive in hoping her and Sandoval's romance would work out after betraying Madix. However, today, she noted, "I'm very ashamed of it."

But when Madix eventually found out about the affair in March, Leviss explained, "We were going to tell her, we just wanted to get our stories straight, basically, because he felt like it would hurt her if she knew how long this has been going on."

But when Madix eventually confronted her about the secret relationship, Leviss came clean about everything. "I told her the truth and she said thank you for telling me," she recounted to Cohen, "because Tom would have never told me the truth."

Tom Schwartz Pops a Xanax Mid-Taping

Before Leviss was brought out to join the rest of the cast (minus Shay), Tom Schwartz pulled a pill bottle out of his pocket and popped something in his mouth as cameras rolled.

"What the f--k is that?" Sandoval asked his BFF, before he confirmed, "Xanax. Just a quarter, I'm stressed."

Sandoval encouraged his business partner, "You know you can tell people it's none of your business? I'm taking my medication."

Schwartz then offered the bottle to Madix, who declined.

Raquel Leviss & Ariana Madix Come Face-to-Face for the First Time

In the final scene of part two, Cohen announced, "Raquel is here and ready to join us," as Leviss nervously walked to the stage.

When asked by a producer if she was ready, she answered, "I mean, no, but just got to confront it."

"Ariana, I know you have not seen Raquel since you found out about the affair," Cohen said. "How are you feeling about this?"

For her part, Madix said was feeling "not great" about Leviss' entrance.

Madix kept her head down as Leviss took her seat, avoiding any eye contact. Fans will have to tune in to part three to see their actual exchange.

Raquel Leviss' Text to Ariana Madix About the Affair With Tom Sandoval

During a sit-down with host Andy Cohen, Ariana Madix revealed how Raquel Leviss contacted her after she found out about the former beauty queen's affair with Tom Sandoval.

"She texted me," she said. "It took her 48 whole hours to text me."

A screenshot of the convo showed Madix texted "You are DEAD TO ME," to which Leviss replied, "Ariana, I don't know what to say right now besides I really f--ked up and I am so so so sorry."

Madix ended the correspondence with "Shut the f--k up you f--king RAT" before blocking her ex-BFF.

Tom Sandoval Claims His & Ariana Madix's Relationship Was a Front

According to Sandoval, his romance with Madix wasn't the TV magic fans often saw.

"Ariana and I kept our relationship pretty private for many years," the TomTom owner explained. "We had issues. I felt like I was her gay BFF. We put on a front when we were filming and I even talked to our showrunner. For us to be having these issues and keeping it from people, I just didn't think it was fair to the rest of the cast."

Cut to a never-before-seen flashback from September 2022 in which Sandoval tells a producer, "I feel guilty, people put themselves out there, man. It's not fair. I feel like it's important for us to, like, talk about this s--t and not pretend like it's all amazing."

Madix's response to his comments? "I feel like I always showed everything, from my point of view," she said during the reunion. "He's framing it now as something else. Because he has to, he's desperate."

Ariana Madix's Venomous Response to Tom Sandoval's Apology

Sandoval teared up addressing Ariana about his betrayal. "I'm sorry for doing the one thing I said I wouldn't do, and I did it in the worst way possible," he told his ex. "I love you and I apologize."

Naturally, that wasn't received well. "He has victim-blamed me 100 percent of the way so I don't believe anything that just came out of his mouth," Madix coldly responded. "I think he's f--king full of s--t and he can f--k off."

Where Raquel Leviss Was While Scheana Shay Filmed the Reunion

Noticeably absent from the group was Leviss, who was watching the entire reunion film from her trailer over 100 yards away from the set. As Andy explained, the 28-year-old was "not legally allowed to be in the same room as Scheana Shay due to the restraining order that she filed" after their alleged altercation.

Though Leviss didn't comment on any of the bombshell revelations as she watched the drama unfold on a TV monitor, she did deliver many eye rolls and animated reactions to her co-stars' digs.

James Kennedy's Scene-Stealing One-Liners

Sure, all eyes were on Sandoval in the hot seat, but the true star was the outspoken, foul-mouthed James Kennedy, who delivered some epic one-liners while confronting his former pal.

When Cohen deemed the DJ as the "No. 1 guy" in the group following Sandoval's fall from grace, Kennedy quipped, "It's not hard to compete when I'm working with [Tom] Schwartz and a clown." Later, he labeled the Toms as "Tweedle Dee and Tweedle little d--k."

After Sandoval delivered his teary apology to Madix, Kennedy called him out too. "Pull yourself together, you're not at the Academy Awards," he said before mocking his crying. "F--king crocodile tears. P--sy."

And we'll never—we mean never—forget this legendary roasting of Sandoval: "You're a clown. And you know what? Your band sucks d--k. You're a nothing, you're a nobody. You're a loser and your bar is going down the drain, you backstabbing hoe."

Lala Kent Compares Tom Sandoval to Her Ex Randall Emmett

Lala Kent gave her scathing take on Sandoval's cheating by comparing him to her scandal-plagued ex Randall Emmett.

Give it 10 years, he is Randall Emmett," she said. "He is absolutely terrifying, I couldn't get Randall to stay home, and then when s--t hit the fan, I couldn't get him the f--k out of the house. That is the f--king narcissist. Everyone needs to be warned about this person. Like this is a dangerous human being."

Though Madix seemed to agree, Lisa Vanderpump called Kent's comparisons "ridiculous." But Kent didn't care.

"I didn't ask for anyone else's opinion," Kent sharply replied to her former boss. "He was sleeping next to her, this was his life partner. If he could do that to her, there's something wrong with this person."

James Kennedy & Tom Sandoval's Near-Physical Fight

Possibly the most heated moment during part one was Kennedy and Sandoval's near-physical fight. Though Sandoval claimed the two weren't close prior to Scandoval, the DJ mourned the loss of their friendship.

"You've been a big bro, dude," Kennedy said. "It just goes to show how much a friend you never were. You've always been an opportunist."

But after the Schwartz & Sandy's co-owner replied, "You f--ked Kristen [Doute] to get on the show," an enraged Kennedy rushed toward Sandoval, forcing Cohen to physically separate them to prevent a fight (and drop his cue cards in the process).

Once Kennedy was back in his seat, Sandoval fired back, "Get in my face again I will f--k you up, motherf--ker," causing Kennedy to once again get up and reply, "I will f--k you up so quickly."

After Cohen restrained Kennedy for a second time, he reprimanded the 31-year-old saying, "Stay in the f--king chair."

Kennedy then left set to cool down, but not without a parting message to Sandoval: "Pussy bitch. You're a worm with a mustache!" 

Andy Cohen Calls Out the Group of Cheaters

As the entire cast vilified Sandoval and Leviss for their months-long affair, Cohen brought up a good point that didn't sit too well with some of the castmembers.

"This is a group of cheaters," the Watch What Happens Live host interjected. "James, you slept with Kristen while she and Sandoval were still together. Ariana, you cheated with Sandoval while Tom was with Kristen. Schwartz, you made out with literally everyone when you were married to Katie. James and Lala, you guys had sex with each other despite already being in relationships with other people. No one in this group has clean hands except for Katie and LVP."

And, you know what, he's not wrong.

Tom Schwartz Confirms Hookup With His Roommate Jo Wenberg

At the beginning of season 10, Schwartz revealed a female friend of his, Jo Wenberg, had moved into his apartment following his divorce from Katie Maloney. While Schwartz declared they were never boyfriend and girlfriend, he did finally admit their relationship wasn't just platonic.

"It did evolve into a situationship or a friends with benefits thing with clearly defined boundaries," he shared, causing his ex-wife to cringe. "We were both coming out of long-term relationships and for a minute there we were each other's happy place."

Maloney's thoughts? "Jo is a creep."

Tom Sandoval, Raquel Leviss & Tom Schwartz's Secret Trip Revealed

After Schwartz revealed his hookup, Cohen asked if he, Wenberg, Sandoval and Leviss ever went on double dates. But when he said no, he immediately got called out.

"The four of you went to Big Bear together!" Maloney yelled, to which he replied, "It was not a double date."

Madix chimed in, "What was it, a f--k fest?"

When Schwartz responded, "I was going snowboarding with Tom Sandoval," Madix clapped back, "And why wasn't I invited then if there were other girls invited?"

Kennedy claimed his ex-fiancée Leviss "hates snowboarding," adding, "She came to f--king f--k Tom."

Kent added, "To suck Sandoval's d--k."

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