Julie Chen Moonves Wants Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady to Have a “Showmance” on Big Brother

By Kisha Forde Apr 26, 2023 3:36 PMTags

Julie Chen Moonves has few ideas for Celebrity Big Brother—but first, she has her eyes on set on Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady.
As the longtime host exclusively revealed to E! News, she's set the bar high when it comes to her dream celebrity participants—and at the top of her list are the former football player and the Kardashians star.
"I'm gonna say Kim Kardashian—because she's Kim Kardashian and one of the most beautiful, fascinating women in the world," Julie told E! News' Carolina Bermudez and Keltie Knight during the show's April 25 episode. "And can she win Big Brother? She does everything else great."
And there's another celeb that she also thinks would make for a great competitor: none other than Tom Brady.
"Seven Super Bowl rings, but can he win Big Brother?" Julie quipped. "And he's single. And I think Kim Kardashian, you know—I'm just saying a little showmance. I'm just putting it out there, I love love."

The news anchor does have a point when it comes to their respective relationship statuses, considering Kim was last linked to Pete Davidson before their breakup last summer. As for Tom, he and Gisele Bündchen announced their divorce in October 2022.

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But those weren't the only stars that made the cut, as Julie added that Snoop Dogg would round out her trio of celeb picks. "It'll never happen," the Talk alum quipped about her list. "But a girl can dream."
But when it comes to her biggest personal dreams, it's worth noting that the 53-year-old has managed to always aim high. And as Julie explains in her memoir, But First, God, everything fell into place for her once she placed her spirituality at the top of her list.

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"It really tells my personal journey of having this spiritual awakening," she shared. "It took 48 years of living a hectic lifestyle before I realized I need to prioritize what's important."
Julie's audio memoir, But First, God, is available for pre-order wherever audiobooks are sold.

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