Chris Appleton Teases Wedding Day Detail Following Lukas Gage Engagement

In an exclusive interview with E! News, celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton—who recently got engaged to White Lotus star Lukas Gage—teased his one hope for his future wedding day.

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Watch: Lukas Gage & Chris Appleton Are ENGAGED!

When it comes to his future wedding, Chris Appleton just wants to let his hair down.

Though the celebrity hairstylist—who recently got engaged to actor Lukas Gage—has had plenty of experience with crafting the perfect ‘do for a big day, he's looking forward to being the one sitting in the chair whenever the time comes for his.

As he exclusively told E! News at the WWD LA Beauty forum on April 6, "Oh god, I'd like to think I'd get a day off!"

It's worth noting that having the day off for his own special occasion would be well-deserved, considering Chris has been behind some of the most head-turning looks to date.

Most notably, one of which included Jennifer Lopez's perfect half-up, half-down style for her surprise Las Vegas wedding to Ben Affleck in July. And as the Color Wow Global Creative Director explained, his vision for weddings stem from a different place than his usual other projects, such as red carpets and editorials, for good reason.

Celebrity At-Home Hair Transformations

"It's actually just about love and love is just so special," he shared at the event, which served as as the inaugural gathering of west coast industry leadership to celebrate beauty's innovation hub. "And I think to see someone find love is really heartfelt. It's such a fun thing to be a part of and its a happy moment. Whereas you know, sometimes when you're doing a red carpet and stuff is more stressful because a lot of pressure. But a wedding is completely different."

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As for the pressure the 39-year-old—who's worked with everyone from Kim Kardashian to Ariana Grande—faces? Chris noted that instead it derives from someone you may least expect.

"I think I feel a pressure naturally just to be the best version of myself," he said. "I feel a pressure to want to do the best I can and evolve. I think trends and stuff happen, but I've always had that thing where I like to change things up. I'm never that guy that's like, ‘Okay, same as usual!' I'm always like, ‘Well who do you really want to be? What's your vibe?'" 

And as Chris revealed, gauging a client's vibe makes all the difference.

"I think just sort of looking at someone you always have your opinion like, ‘This would be really good on you,' or, ‘That would look amazing with your eyes or bring out your features,'" he explained. "But it's always a conversation because it's not just about looking good. If you don't feel good, it doesn't really work. You know that connection and when the magic happens is not only when people look great, but really feel great as well."

Amid his busy career, Chris also recognizes that making the best of life remains key.

"I'm all about fun," he added. "I mean, you know, I worked really hard. And [work is] a big focus for me, it always has been my whole life. But I'm definitely, enjoying myself and taking some time to just enjoy life. And I think that's really important as well. It's good to have a balance."

—Reporting by Amanda Champagne-Meadows 

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