Teen Wolf: The Movie's Tyler Posey and Holland Roden Explain Dylan O'Brien's Absence

Tyler Posey and Holland Roden told E! News what it was like reuniting for Teen Wolf: The Movie without Dylan O'Brien's fan-favorite character Stiles.

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There's no bad blood in this wolf pack.

While Teen Wolf: The Movie sees most of the original cast from the MTV series returning for another adventure, one face is noticeably absent: Dylan O'Brien. The Not Okay actor wasn't on-hand to reprise his fan-favorite role of Stiles, but his former scene partners, Tyler Posey and Holland Roden, made it clear they still have plenty of love for him.

"F--k that guy! No, I love Dylan so much and we talked about it a lot before we actually got started," Posey exclusively told E! News ahead of the film's Jan. 26 premiere on Paramount+. "To me, he was always there. He would text me and ask how the day went, how was the first day of filming."

And the characters' friendship has endured just as much as the actors' has in real life. "To Scott, I think he and Stiles keep in touch constantly, so he was still there in the world. We kept the Jeep in there and we tried to reference him as much as possible," the 31-year-old explained. "There's no love lost. I love him so much and he helped really shape Teen Wolf, just his energy alone. So, no matter what, Teen Wolf was always gonna have that in there."

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For some fans of Teen Wolf—which ran for six seasons from 2011 to 2017—it may be difficult to imagine a reunion without Stiles, but Posey reassured that creator Jeff Davis and the team found a way to work around O'Brien's absence (Arden Cho was the only other major cast member from the series absent from the movie).

"I think it was a perfect way to do it without him," he admitted. "Obviously, ideally in a perfect scenario, we all would've been back together, but the way that I think that we did it was handled really well."


Roden, who plays Stiles' onscreen love interest Lydia, echoed Posey's sentiments, detailing how the character's spirit remains alive in Beacon Hills.

"Lydia and Stiles were such a big part of the show and I love that Jeff addresses that. It did feel like a legitimate reason to me of why they're not together anymore and it's a really sad reason," she noted. "But that bittersweet combo is gonna have the fans reeling a little bit, cause it had me reeling of why they wouldn't be together—or are they?"

But while one lead character is missing from the movie, it does see another major return in Crystal Reed's Allison, who died during season three of the series. And the actress was just as surprised as fans may be to wield the bow and arrow once more.

"I had never planned to come back to Teen Wolf, I thought she was dead, dead, dead as a doorknob," Reed revealed. "But, turns out, in Teen Wolf land, no one is really dead, so it was nice. It was really nice to be given the opportunity to come back and to step into her shoes again."

Find out what the Beacon Hills crew has been up to since the show's series finale in Teen Wolf: The Movie, streaming Jan. 26 on Paramount+.

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