Channing Tatum Reveals If His and Sandra Bullock's Daughters Still Have "Beef" After School Feud

Channing Tatum gave an update on where his and Sandra Bullock's daughters stand after the Lost City co-stars revealed their kids had butted heads in preschool.

By Daisy Maldonado Jan 17, 2023 10:43 PMTags
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Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum's daughters are putting their past behind them.

Nearly a year after the Oscar winner hilariously revealed that her daughter Laila, 11, got into an "altercation," with the Magic Mike star's 9-year-old daughter Everly when they were in preschool, Channing shared an update on girls' current dynamic.

"Our daughters got into a couple of scraps at school because they're both very, very, very strong-willed little girls," he said while taking Vanity Fair's Lie Detector Test in a video posted on Jan. 17. "Yeah, it was, it was fun. It was a very fun year that year."

He continued, "They love each other now, literally can't like get enough of each other. They just want to hang out all the time."

The Lost City co-stars admitted that they first met at the principal's office of their daughters' preschool during an appearance on The Late Late Show last May.

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At the time, Channing, who shares Everly with ex-wife Jenna Dewan, reiterated his recent comments on their daughters' personalities, explaining, "We have two very, very strong-willed little girls, you know, that at that young age were very much buttin' heads."

However, it seems things took a turn for the better after the principal gave the girls a "challenge" to see who could be the nicest to the other person.


And the two appeared to have taken the game seriously, with the Blind Side star—who is also mom to son Louis, 13—said the two girls were "bringing each other little Dixie cups of water."

Nowadays, it seems the two have put their problems behind them and blossomed a friendship instead.