New Year, Don't Care: Sweatpants, Slippers & More Must-Haves for Winter Hibernation

For those of us slothing and slouching our way into the New Year, here are the 23 essentials for making the most of not making the most of anything.

By Sophy Ziss Jan 02, 2023 1:00 PMTags
Ecomm: New Year, Don't Care

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Hello, and welcome! So happy to have you here at this, the new annual gathering of people who know that, in all honesty, the New Year doesn't mean a whole lot.

I mean, the calendar doesn't know it changes, right? And it's not like the weather does, either. What I'm saying is: To many (which presumably includes you, dear reader), January 1 is just the first day of another month. It's still the middle of winter, and that's about it.

Not everyone sees it as an opportunity to make big commitments they won't follow through on now and subsequently berate themselves for later. Not everyone wants to resolve to seize the new year.

Some just want to slouch, sloth, and slunk their way into it. And this list is for them. 

Now, I present to you: 23 essentials for just plain hibernating in 2023. Put on your comfy socks, refill your chip bowl, and settle in for a good ol' shopping sesh. Resolutions? I don't know her.

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Alala Wander Sweatpants

These super-soft joggers from Alala are like wearing a cloud. What more do you need to indulge in caring a little less?

Margaret Howell Knit Cotton Slip-On Slippers

Hanging out around the house a little more than usual in 2023? Same. But make sure these slipper socks are a part of the plan, since they make relaxing that much more fun.

Studio Nicholson Black Tini Beanie

Resolved to wash your hair less often in the new year? Totally understandable. Make it look sophisticated with this sleek Tini Beanie.

Bearaby Velvet Napper

I know that even though I've firmly committed to doing less, I'm gonna need some help with that. I'm looking forward to gifting myself this sumptuous velvet throw from Bearaby. Its weight (oh, yeah, it's weighted too) is intended to offer physical relaxation and calm.

Hearth & Hand x Magnolia Stoneware Serve Bowl

2023: A year to clock out of work and clock in to marathon tv-watching (or whatever it is you enjoy doing for hours at a time inside of the house). Nothing complements that like snacktime, and this sturdy bowl is perfectly sized for filling with chips, pretzels, and popcorn.

Terez Black Raspberry TLC Flare Leggings

These flared Terez leggings infuse everyday tasks with glamour. After all, you still have to check the mail and walk the dog, so transitioning from still caring a little to not caring at all is gonna take a minute. This pair will bridge the gap!

Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo

New year, new hair care plan: Skipping a few days between blowouts. Extend the life of your look with one of my all-time favorite dry shampoos in recorded history.

Bioderma ABCDerm H2O Wipes

Sure, these are technically made for babies. But there's no law that says you can't cleanse your delicate skin with them too, especially if you're maybe not showering as often as usual right now.

Tweezerman Brow Shaping Set

Skipping the esthetician for a while? Understood. This Tweezerman set has all you need to maintain your brows from home.

Classic Black Leggings

Simple and sophisticated, a pair of quality black leggings is exactly what your default wardrobe needs this winter. Slightly better for the outside world than sweatpants, but not as restrictive as jeans, these leggings add sophistication to the everyday.

Schutz Orly Leather Booties

Goodbye, heels! Goodbye, knee-high boots! Hello, lace-up booties that look good with everything! This Schutz pair can be dressed up or down, and with its combat-inspired details, keeps you effortlessly on trend. Basically tailor-made for when you have to look like you care at least a little, but aren't willing to sacrifice comfort for it.

Happy Place Brand Gauzy Robe

You can trust the design team behind a hall-of-fame-worthy waffle blanket to craft an equally fantastic robe. Whether you're wearing it to top off a perfect pajama set or cozying up in it after a shower, this Happy Place robe makes "not caring" an art form.

Hugo Grey Samantha Hoodie

I'm not saying that a high-end grey pullover is the "Don't care!" signature, but I also kind of am. So give yourself the gift of a fresh one to do nothing in this month!

Hoodie Sweatshirt Dress (Extended Size)

Have you ever wanted to combine the comfort of a hoodie with the polished ease of a dress? Behold: The answer you seek. After all, why wear two items of clothing, when just one will do?

Nail Polish Clean Up Brush

Skipping the salon this year? No judgment. This pen keeps at-home manicures neat and tidy all the same.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Cucumber And Green Tea

This revitalizing formula will keep you feeling refreshed during long binge-watching-and-scrolling sessions.

Shape 2 Sunglasses

You'll look cool, mysterious, and fashion-forward in these sunnies, and definitely not like someone trying to hide the fact that she's not wearing makeup when making a coffee run.

032c Black Weekend Tote

This versatile tote can hold everything you need for a day spent resting, relaxing, or...fine...resolutioning. It's sleek but simple, which means it's ideal for taking one more care off of your plate.

Jill & Ally Peace Sign Crew Socks

These adorable socks are a treat that pulls double duty: You get fresh socks (who ever buys new socks?) that just so happen to be perfect for lounging-to-lunching outfits.

Peace & Quiet Club Long Sleeve French Terry Crewneck Sweatshirt

This lightweight pullover reminds you to embrace a little peace and quiet this year.

Girlfriend Collective Yellow Recycled Polyester Sport Shorts

For those seeking the athleisure lifestyle in warmer climates: These soft shorts from Girlfriend Collective. Toss an oversized sweatshirt on top, and you'll have an effortlessly cool look that's also wildly comfortable.

Terez Pink TLC Sports Bra

Goodbye, underwire! Hello, stretchy support! And it's vibrant, too, so just putting this Terez sports bra on will make you feel like you've accomplished something.

Kahmune Tote Bag

Finally, if you are unable or unwilling to not care entirely, or find yourself in a situation in which you must act as if you do, there's this chic carryall from Kahmune. It's roomy and crafted from exquisite leather, so you'll always look elegant, even if you aren't in the mood for that.

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