Pink's Husband Carey Hart Shares Update After Surgery to Fuse Vertebrae

After Carey Hart underwent surgery to fuse vertebrae on Dec. 1, the former motocross racer, who is married to Pink, gave fans an update on how he's feeling. Read more about his journey.

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Cover Carey Hart in sunshine and well-wishes.

The former motocross racer—who is married to Pink—gave fans an update on his health after undergoing surgery to fuse vertebrae. 

"Well, 24 hours after I checked in, I'm ready to cruise out of here," he told his followers in a Dec. 2 Instagram video. "I'm on my own two feet as you see. Little battle wound where they went in to do my fusion in my neck. But feeling great. Been up on my feet 10-15 times in the last, I don't know, 18 hours since my surgery. Ready to roll home, make myself a cup of coffee. So yeah, not bad. Not bad at all." 

Indeed, Hart noted he was "pretty happy" with how he was doing. "No medication through the night," he continued. "I had a Valium and Percocet before bed and nothing through the night. Woke up, did my walks, my shoulder shrugs, can move my head a little bit and take it nice and easy but stoked. Thanks for all the well-wishes from my post yesterday, and I'll keep you posted on my recovery. Have a good day."

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In the caption of his post, the athlete gave a shout-out to his doctor, Dr. Bray of DISC Sports & Spine Center in Newport Beach, California, the rest of his team and Pink.

"Thank you so much to the amazing staff that took care of me and my wife the last 24 hours," he wrote. "You all rule!!!!! Headed home now and letting the recovery begin."

Just hours before, Hart had confirmed that the "surgery went great" and gave fans some insight on his procedure, writing in a Dec. 1 post, "Ended up fusing the vertebrae because the joint was a bit hammered."

Earlier that day, the 47-year-old—who shares daughter Willow, 11, and son Jameson, 5, with the singer—posted a picture of himself heading to the operation. "Wakie wakie, time to fix the neckie," he wrote. "A lil forced nap this morning and I'll be as good as new. Let's do this."

As Hart explained to one follower, he "had to have the fusion because my vertebrae was bad." And when another commenter asked how many vertebrae he had fused, the star replied, "This time, 1."

However, this isn't the first time Hart has had surgery. As he noted in the comment section of his most recent post, this was his "20th surgery. Many more to go," adding in another comment he's had "two fusions, two disc replacements" specifically.


Over the years, Hart has spoken about his procedures and the toll his sport took on his body.

"I had my spine fused nine weeks ago, the doctor thinks I compression-fractured my lower spine at least 10-12 times, so we had to go in and take care of it," he said in a 2014 interview with Rolling Stone. "I've been through some gnarly stuff, I've broken everything you could imagine, but recovering from this was brutal. I was just off my feet, laying down flat for 22-hours a day, in excruciating pain, because they elongated my spine. I'm a half-inch taller now, which is cool."

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