Here's Why the Internet is Divided Over Cole and Zanab's Love Is Blind Cuties Flashback

After the Love Is Blind season three finale and reunion, fans are split on their opinions over Cole and Zanab's controversial Cuties clip. Watch the full scene here.

By Charlotte Walsh Nov 10, 2022 4:58 PMTags
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Relations between Love Is Blind's Cole and Zanab have quickly soured

Though the season three finale revealed several shocking moments, none was bigger than producers sharing previously-unseen footage of one moment between the two contestants. 

During the reunion, Zanab, who said "I don't" to Cole at the altar, accused her ex of body shaming, noting that she "stopped eating" after he made "daily comments about my face and body" that didn't make it into the show's final cut. During one instance, Zanab claimed Cole stopped her from eating two small Cutie tangerines, after she had previously only eaten "a banana and a teaspoon of peanut butter" that day. 

In response, Cole defended himself from these accusations, telling producers to "if you have it, please air it."

At the end of the episode, a black screen popped up, reading, "Zanab & Cole: The Cuties Story." In the previously-unreleased footage, Cole referenced a dinner reservation that couldn't come fast enough before the two began discussing their wedding guest lists and eating a snack. Then, when Zanab began peeling the Cuties, Cole asked, "Are you about to eat two of those?"

Love Is Blind Season 3: Reunion Moments

Zanab responded, saying, "Maybe. That's a serving."

However, Cole noted that she'd better "save your appetito."

Zanab then explained that she'd barely had anything to eat that day, prompting Cole to ask why. In response, Zanab told him that she "could tell you, but probably shouldn't."

@idman.a This man took his one chance to be accountable to call her a liar over and over again. Pathetic. #loveisblindseason3 #loveisblind #cole #zanab ? Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

On social media, fans have been divided on which member of the couple, exactly, the clip vindicates.

"This man took his one chance to be accountable to call her a liar over and over again," one fan wrote. "Pathetic."

Meanwhile, another took Cole's side, using a fan-given nickname to support him. "JUSTICE FOR COLESLAW!!!!!" they said. "Everyone was killing him (mainly the girls) and this was taken WAY out of context."

Still others took a middle road, noting that both had made mistakes during their time on Love Is Blind season three. "Cole was an immature prick but now having watched everything, Zanab wasn't that innocent at all," one fan noted. "No wonder that wedding speech felt so performative. She knew she wasn't going to say yes to this man so she decided to play victim all the way to the altar and after."

And some viewers even pointed out how chaotic the show was for including the clip at the end of the reunion at all. Along with a meme of a little girl smiling in front of a house on fire, a fan wrote, "The producers leaving in the Zanab and Cole cuties story at the end of the reunion."

Watch the scene for yourself on Love Is Blind season three, now streaming on Netflix.

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