You Don't Want to Miss These Love Is Blind Season 3 Reunion Moments

The Love Is Blind season three reunion was just as dramatic as the earlier episodes! Here are the 10 can't miss moments.

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The pods have officially closed.

That's right, season three of Love Is Blind has come to an end and Netflix has dropped a reunion special to wrap up all the drama. The new episode, released Nov. 9, gave a much-needed update on where the season three couples—Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux, Zanab Jaffrey and Cole Barnett, Raven Ross and Sikiru "SK" Alagbada, Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden, and Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton—stand following the emotional finale.

The final episode showed only two couples, Alexa and Brennon, as well as Colleen and Matt, getting married. However, that doesn't mean the love stories ended the way you would think. One pair of former flames reunited after cameras stopped rolling and another couple chose to live separately despite saying "I do."

Intriguing, right?

Plenty of tears were shed, as Zanab and Cole hashed out their failed courtship, revealing that things may've been more complicated than viewers realized.

The Cringiest Love Is Blind Moments Ever

For all the jaw-dropping moments from the Love Is Blind season three reunion, keep reading:

SK and Raven Are Back Together

During Love Is Blind's season three reunion, SK and Raven confirmed that they got back together after filming wrapped. After sharing a sweet smooch, Raven revealed that SK has gotten several messages on social media from interested women.

"Stay out of my man's DMs," she quipped to her co-stars. "I see y'all ladies."

The pair are still figuring out their long-distance situation.

Bartise Defends His Raven Comments

As fans of the show will recall, Bartise controversially praised Raven's attractiveness in front of fiancée Nancy. Though Nancy applauded Bartise for being brutally honest during the reunion, she slammed his behavior as "childish."

Looking back on the conversation, Bartise said it was "hard to watch" and apologized for the comments he made about someone else's fiancée. He then doubled down on his stance, noting, "I don't think the feelings were inappropriate. This experiment is so unique and the connections that we made were so fast and so fresh, it might make sense that two of us were having those thoughts."

Colleen and Matt Don't Live Together

Despite exchanging wedding vows in the season three finale, Colleen and Matt revealed that they don't currently live together. "I know it sounds crazy," Matt shared at the reunion, "but it's really just doing it on our own time."

Per Colleen, the unexpected decision was made due to money reasons. "We weren't money-wise ready to give up on our leases," she said. "I was with roommates, so I would've screwed over some people."

For the record, Colleen and Matt say they spend most days of the week together, with Monday, "laundry day," being the occasional exception. They plan to move in together in the near future.

Andrew Declines to Attend the Reunion

After his eye drop confessional went viral, Andrew was invited to attend the Love Is Blind season three reunion. However, according to co-host Vanessa Lachey, "he chose not to come."

Kissing and Telling

The typically private Raven and SK shared details about their romantic life post-Love Is Blind, as Raven confirmed that the duo got intimate after their failed wedding. "You gotta taste test," she quipped, with SK then chiming in, "Pilates might be good for you."

Bartise and the Mystery Blonde

Not only did Nancy feel blindsided by Bartise at the wedding altar, but then, 24 hours after their breakup, she saw him on social media getting cozy with a mystery woman. "He had a tall blonde by his side," Nancy spilled. "It was someone posting a video of the scene, and then you caught Bartise and this tall blonde next to him. And then that same tall blonde—over the weekend—on his lap. All over him."

Though Bartise defended that nothing happened that first night, he did admit to getting with the mystery woman on July 4. "To be honest," he snapped, "I don't think my sex life is anybody's business here."


Cole Is Accused of Getting a Girl's Number at Bachelor Party

While looking back at Cole and Zanab's failed relationship, Alexa and Raven suggested that there were off-camera moments that led to the couple's demise. Alexa shared, "He's likeable when you're watching it, and just knowing what I know it's hard."

Raven jumped in and revealed, "He got a girl's number at the bachelor party."

Though Zanab explained that Cole confessed this to be true the night before their wedding, Cole vehemently denied that the conversation, as well as the alleged cheating, ever happened. 


Zanab Says She Stopped Eating After Cole Allegedly Body Shamed Her

Zanab further accused Cole of body-shaming her, and claimed that the footage was not used on the show. "That is your saving grace, Cole, is that they did not use it," she stated. "Because so much of that stuff, the pushing food away from me, asking me if I'm gonna eat that, trying to get me to order a salad, the daily comments about my face and body were not used."

Cole alleged that Zanab was making up these accusations, stating, "I never once cared about what you ate. What are you talking about?"

In contrast, Zanab claimed that she "stopped eating" during filming. "I was eating a banana and a teaspoon of peanut butter," she said, "just so I wouldn't pass out on the long days we were filming."

A Tearful Cole Says He Regrets Doing the Show

After taking in everything Zanab had to share, a tearful Cole noted that he regretted doing the show. "Look at what I've done," he said. "If I destroyed someone's self-esteem, then I regret it. I would not do it over."

Zanab assured her ex that she has "completely forgiven" him, adding, "I don't want you to have another failed relationship."

Cole admitted that watching their relationship play out "destroyed" him.

Nick References Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica

Amid the reunion drama, co-host Nick Lachey, who starred on MTV's Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica with ex-wife Jessica Simpson, advised Cole, "Coming from someone who did reality TV, it's a powerful and very strange and very bizarre thing to see your life on screen."

Seasons one through three of Love Is Blind are available to stream on Netflix.

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