Ariana Grande Breaks Free in New Photos Rocking Blonde Hair on Wicked Set

Ariana Grande showed off her blonde locks in some behind-the-scenes snaps of production for the Wicked film adaptation. See her Glinda-esque hair in action.

By Kelly Gilmore Nov 08, 2022 12:36 AMTags
Watch: You've Got to See Ariana Grande's "Wicked" Hair Transformation

Dear Glinda the Good Witch, we're so into you.

Ariana Grande gave a peek behind-the-scenes of production for the musical Wicked's film adaptation—where the 29-year-old is set to star as Glinda.

In photos shared to her Instagram Nov. 7, Ariana showed off her blonde hair for the role—which she first debuted Oct. 26—by posting a mirror selfie in a hat that says "Wicked" with her co-star Cynthia Erivo, who will play Elphaba, polaroid photos and a video of herself hard at work for the project.

In the clip, Ariana's blonde locks are pulled back into braids while the "Into You" singer lets out an excited scream as music plays on a laptop in front of her.

She reposted the video to her Instagram Story with the caption, "I love comping and I love Galinda so much. Best days of my life."

And the magic does not stop there, as it seems Ariana also posted glimpses at her costume for the film.

Ariana Grande's Style Evolution

In one snap, the actress posed for a selfie while sporting an eye-makeup look adorned with sparkling pearls—something that would be very popular with Glinda. In another photo, Ariana wore a pair of Rodarte ballet heels that are fitting for her character.


As far as finding herself in Glinda's shoes (figuratively and literally), Ariana previously revealed all the details of her audition process.

"I started hearing murmurs about a Wicked audition coming soon, so I went into full preparation mode, while I was also shooting The Voice," she said in a YouTube makeup tutorial in May. "So, I was shooting and then doing lessons every day because I just wanted to be prepared for when the call came. I had no idea when it was coming, but I was just like, ‘I want to be ready to go in.'"


She added, "And now, thank god, the most incredible gift of my entire life is this role that I've adored since I [was] 10 years old and that is going to have every piece of me."

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