Dancing With the Stars' Cheryl Burke Recalls Being Whipped With a Belt By High School Boyfriend

In a preview clip from the Nov. 2 episode of Red Table Talk, Dancing With the Stars pro Cheryl Burke recalled an abusive relationship with a high school ex-boyfriend.

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Cheryl Burke is ready to open up about her past wounds. 

In an upcoming episode of Facebook Watch's Red Table Talk, the Dancing With the Stars pro revealed the devastating ways her childhood has affected her relationships as an adult.

"Not to get too graphic but in high school, I'll never forget the person I was with on and off for four years whipped me with a belt and I had bruises all over my legs," she shared in a preview from the Nov. 2 episode. "I remember his parents were watching it and didn't do anything. And it wasn't like he was hitting me. He was whipping me." 

Co-hosts Jada Pinkett Smith and Adrienne Banfield Norris appeared visibly shocked by the revelation before guest and psychologist Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble replied, "That made my chest hurt."

Cheryl's confession comes as the 38-year-old continues documenting her sobriety journey on social media.

National Recovery Month 2021 Stories of Inspiration

On Oct. 30, the Burke in the Game podcast host reflected on the challenges she faced in recent years including the passing of her dad and a divorce from husband Matthew Lawrence.

"I have been sober for four years, and to say my life has been a rollercoaster during that time frame would be a major understatement," she wrote. "My journey with sobriety began the night of my engagement party in 2018. I had recently lost my father, who was also an alcoholic, and that time of my life was a huge turning point in so many ways."

But when marking National Recovery Month in September 2021, Cheryl couldn't help but acknowledge how far she has come. 

"For me the best part of recovery is that I now show up for life as my authentic self," she told E! News at the time. "I'm more clearheaded, I am able to be there for my family and friends and I think, honestly, for the first time in my adult life, I am able to actually feel my feelings."

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Cheryl went on to say that getting sober has given her the opportunity "to discover who I really am and to do the work to take care of the little girl inside that has a lot to heal from."

"It can be hard at times, and I know I will always have to take things one day at a time," she said. "But I wouldn't change my life today for anything." 

Red Table Talk with Cheryl will stream Nov. 2 at 12 noon EST on Facebook Watch.

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