Why Adam DiMarco Had a Crush on “Everyone” in the White Lotus Cast

Adam DiMarco is making his White Lotus debut in season two—and in it, he'll be surrounded by other "hot" people. Read on to find out why he had a crush on "everyone" during filming.

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Watch: Adam DiMarco Says White Lotus S2 Cast Is "SO HOT"

According to Adam DiMarcoThe White Lotus season two will be your hottest summer vacation yet. 

The actor, who plays recent college grad Albie Di Grasso, is checking in for season two of the hit HBO drama—and although The Rundown's Erin Lim Rhodes teased that he's the "sexiest thing to come out of this season," DiMarco believes his fellow castmates are the ones burning up on this vacation.

"Everyone is so hot on this show, right?" he exclusively told E! News. "I had a crush on everyone at some point during filming." 

DiMarco even joked that it was "hard" to be on-set surrounded by such a beautiful cast. Ultimately, though, the group became extremely close living and working at Sicily's San Domenico Palace—even to the point where DiMarco and costar Haley Lu Richardson set up karaoke as a bonding activity.

The White Lotus: Season 2 Details

"Haley Lu and I actually made karaoke happen," he explained. "We needed a cable to connect—it was a specific type of input—and we didn't have a way to do it. We were living in the same hotel we were filming at, so a lot of the crew would leave their equipment in the carts in the hotel, and I found the sound guy's cart, and I found the cable we needed. I was like, 'Haley, can you steal this with me, so I'm not the only one who gets in trouble?'" (Obviously, the answer was a resounding yes.)

So, which songs really brought the cast together?

"We kicked it off with 'Summer Lovin','" he said. "I think my go-to karaoke song is probably 'Mr. Brightside.'"

Fabio Lovino/HBO

Though HBO has remained tight-lipped on plot details for the ensemble show, the season's trailer gives us a few hints about DiMarco's character's story arc—and which of his "hot" castmates he'll be interacting with the most. Albie, along with father Dominic (Michael lmperioli) and grandfather Bert (F. Murray Abraham) are checking into the hotel on a boys trip to learn about their family roots—but it's not by choice.

"We're on a family vacation right now and it's just the three of us," Albie noted in the trailer, "because all the women in our family hate you."

Watch Albie's journey for yourself when The White Lotus season two premieres Oct. 30.

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