Vogue Accuses Kanye West of “Bullying” Editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson

Kanye West is facing harsh words from Vogue after the rapper publicly mocked the outlet's global fashion editor at large, Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, for criticizing his Yeezy fashion show.

By Ashley Joy Parker Oct 05, 2022 1:32 AMTags
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A fashion faux pas?

After Kanye West criticized Vogue editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson on social media, the fashion magazine released a statement condemning his behavior

"Vogue stands with Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, our global fashion editor at large and longtime contributor," the outlet shared on Oct. 4. "She was personally targeted and bullied. It's unacceptable."

The statement also revealed that Gabriella and Kanye spoke to one another after he wrapped his Yeezy fashion show, where he wore a "White Lives Matter" shirt, a move that Gabriella later called "irresponsible."

"Now more than ever, voices like hers are needed," Vogue's statement continued. "In a private meeting with Ye today she once again spoke her truth in a way she felt best, on her terms."

Kanye, 45, also wrote on Instagram that he had a meeting with his "SISTER" Gabriella for two hours on Oct. 4 before they had dinner together. "WE APOLOGIZED TO EACH OTHER FOR THE WAY WE MADE EACH OTHER FEEL," the rapper said. "WE ACTUALLY GOT ALONG AND HAVE BOTH EXPERIENCED THE FIGHT FOR ACCEPTANCE IN A WORLD THAT'S NOT OUR OWN."

Decoding Kanye West's Donda Album

As for where they stand on the issue now? He added, "SHE DISAGREED I DISAGREED WE DISAGREED."

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Kanye debuted his Yeezy Season 9 collection on Oct. 3 during Paris Fashion Week. During the show, the "Donda" rapper, along with several of his models, sported the "White Live Matter" shirts. "This is an unmanageable situation," Kanye told the crowd in a speech at the show. "I am Ye, and everyone knows I am the leader."

Gabriella described Kanye's message as "incredibly irresponsible and dangerous" on her social media, which prompted Kanye to post photos of the editor on his own Instagram along with captions aimed at her appearance.

 Kanye's actions infuriated several members of the fashion community, including Gigi Hadid, who called the Yeezy designer "a bully and a joke" as she threw her support to Gabriella. 


"You wish u had a percentage of her intellect," the supermodel wrote under one of his posts. "You have no idea haha…. If there's actually a point to any of your s--t. She might be the only person that could save u. As if the ‘honor' of being invited to your show should keep someone from giving their opinion? Lol."

Along with Gigi, Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Jaden Smith and more celebs also weighed in on the situation.