Watch Cardi B’s Son Wave Talk to “Mommy” and Prepare to Melt

Cardi B shared a video of her 12-month-old son Wave on her Instagram Stories. See the video.

By Daisy Maldonado Oct 03, 2022 11:17 PMTags
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You'll need to wave the baby fever away after seeing this video.

In an adorable Instagram Stories post, Cardi B shared a video of her 12-month-old son Wave calling for his mom. The Oct. 3 clip showed her youngest talking to his "mommy" before attempting to get closer with the rapper. Though he sightly stumbles, the moment is still guaranteed to melt your heart, especially when Cardi so sweetly says, "Uh oh."

The precious video is a rare peek inside Cardi and Offset's world as parents, the two having welcomed Wave last September and daughter Kulture in July 2018. (Offset is also dad to Jordan Cephus, 12, Kalea Marie Cephus, 7, and Kody Cephus, 7, from previous relationships.)

And as expected, Wave is living the life of luxury. Need proof? He entered his first birthday party in his own toy car, which was Cardi's younger sister Hennessy's idea.


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"I was like, ‘Oh this is crazy,'" Offset recently recalled in an interview with E! News. "She came up with the craziest toy for him because he don't even want to get out of it—like he got hella toys over here unopened. He just want to get in his car and go."

While Wave may be easily entertained, the same can't be said of Cardi. In fact, Offset struggles every year deciding what to buy her for her birthday.

"These are the hard times," he joked. "First off, she has everything. Second off, she doesn't want anything. Third off, I'm gonna get her something because she deserves it. It's getting harder and harder."

And the clock is ticking with Cardi's 30th birthday quickly approaching Oct. 11.

"I'm trying to move her towards gifts—that's why I bought her a home last year because they mean more or last more and it's a great investment," he continued. "I'm trying to stay at that angle. But it's hard!"

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