The White Lotus Creator Already Has Plans For Season 3

Season two of HBO's The White Lotus hasn't even premiered yet, but creator Mike White is already teasing a potential season three. Find out what he revealed about his future plans.

By Daniel Trainor Sep 29, 2022 9:55 PMTags
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We haven't even checked into season two of The White Lotus—and there are already plans for season three!

Mike White, the creator of the HBO dramedy, isn't even sure if the network will give him another season, but he revealed that a ditched season two idea might be revived if given the chance.

"I might still do it down the road maybe, if they give us a third season, so I don't know if I should say," White told Entertainment Weekly Sept. 29. "Originally, it was more of like a Bilderberg conference, more about getting into some of the bigger power dynamics there. But Sicily was a totally different vibe than the idea I pitched. That didn't seem right."

The Bilderberg meeting, established in 1954, is an off-the-record gathering held annually meant to encourage political and social discussion between the United States and Europe. Hey, if there's anybody who can potentially soothe overseas discourse it might be Tanya McQuoid!

The White Lotus: Season 2 Details

While we cross our fingers for a third stay at The White Lotus, we can look forward to the incoming season two, which will take place over one week at another White Lotus resort in Sicily.

In addition to Jennifer Coolidge's return as the glamorous Tanya, the season features a whole new crop of guests including Aubrey Plaza, Michael Imperioli, Theo James, Haley Ru Richardson and Meghann Fahy

White revealed that the themes of the second season were greatly influenced by the Italian setting—so he ditched the Bilderberg idea. 

"The kind of mythology of Sicily, at least from the point of view of Americans, is the archetypal sexual politics and role play that you associate with, like, opera and the mafia and Italian romance," he said. "I felt like it should be more focused on men and women and relationships and adultery and have an operatic feel to it, so I pivoted."

Fabio Lovino/HBO

Just like its predecessor, the second season of The White Lotus involves a murder mystery that's introduced in the opening scene, according to EW. But don't expect this sophomore endeavor to be a carbon copy said Plaza, who plays lawyer Harper Spiller.

"It's more juicy, it feels like the stakes are higher and there's more intense drama and plot twists than the first season," Plaza told EW. "It's more heightened in the way that it made sense for the stories that happened on this volcanic island. Of course the stories and the characters are more volcanic because that was the energy in Sicily."

Consider our bags packed.

Season two of The White Lotus premieres Oct. 30 on HBO.

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