Superman & Lois Has Found Its New Jonathan Kent

Warner Bros. Television announced that Jordan Elsass would be leaving The CW's Superman & Lois in August. Here's who will play the role of Jonathan Kent instead.

By Charlotte Walsh Sep 07, 2022 5:51 PMTags
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Superman & Lois has found a new superhero. 

Michael Bishop will play the role of Jonathan Kent, one of the teen sons of Clark Kent/Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) in The CW's superhero show, the network confirmed to E! News. Bishop, an Australian actor, recently made his American film debut playing the lead role of DJ Maz in the Disney Channel's film Spin

The role of Jonathan was previously played by Jordan Elsass, who Warner Bros. Television announced was leaving the show in Aug. 2022 due to personal reasons. 

"Jordan Elsass has notified the Studio that he will not be returning to Superman & Lois for season three due to personal reasons," the studio said in an Aug. 17 statement. "The role of Jonathan Kent will be recast."

Bishop excitedly responded to the casting news on Instagram, reposting Deadline's announcement along with a photo of himself at 4 years old in a Superman costume. 

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"Michael (age 4):" the actor captioned the post, "'i wanna be superman when I grow up.'"

Before the recast, showrunner Todd Helbing said that season three would tell the story of Jonathan following in his superhero dad's footsteps.

"We certainly want to fold Jonathan more into the superhero stories," he told Entertainment Weekly in June. "What Clark says to him about the Kryptonian tech, you could take that in many different ways, so we'll see which road we ultimately go down."

Season three of Superman & Lois is expected to premiere in 2023. 

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