Christine Baranski Reveals How She Really Feels About The Good Fight Ending

The Good Fight's Christine Baranski shared the emotional experience she had finding out about the Paramount+ series' cancellation.

By Vivian Kwarm Sep 01, 2022 8:04 PMTags
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All good things come to an end. 

The Good Fight's Christine Baranski, who plays Diane Lockhart on the series, got a taste of this reality when she found out that the Paramount+ legal drama was coming to an end. In an interview with TVLine, the actress revealed she was actually "stunned" to hear the news after just coming from a seemingly normal day on the set. 

"By the time I got home, (series co-creators) Robert and Michelle King called me and told me it's going to be the end," she said. "I was stunned. My heart dropped."

The actress added that she "didn't know what was coming."

Baranski admitted that though she's "understanding", she's definitely less than thrilled about the news, noting, "It was a loss of so many things: the consistency of the work; the marvelous group of people that constitute the show; the marvelous writing." 

The Emmy winner went on to reveal that there were "several reasons" for the cancellation, including fear of repetition, and the Kings wanting it to end while they could still "control the narrative." 

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"Robert and Michelle didn't want to learn that the show was being pulled without having the narrative control to bring it to an end. Which can often happen," she said, "find out it's been cancelled and the characters are left dangling without that proper push toward a solid narrative conclusion."

Baranski admitted to having an emotional last moment on the set, especially when she officially heard those final words, "‘That's a series wrap on Christine Baranski."

Liz Fisher/CBS, Paramount+

But we don't have to say goodbye just yet, because the sixth season of The Good Fight premieres on Sept. 8 on Paramount+.

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