Holly Madison's Meet-and-Greet Confession Proves That Disney Magic Is Everywhere

Holly Madison had her mind blown when she realized this fun fact about Disneyland and its cast members. Get her take on the Happiest Place on Earth.

By Gabrielle Chung Aug 02, 2022 1:49 AMTags
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This girl next door just had a major Disneyland revelation.

Over the weekend, Holly Madison revealed that she didn't realize until much later that people who work as costumed mascots at the Happiest Place on Earth and other Disney properties would refer to themselves as "friends" of their characters during off-hours. According to the Girls Next Door alum, who loves all-things Disney, she only noticed it after fans who are cast members at the theme parks began introducing themselves as such when meeting her.

"You know how people who work at Disney parks, when they play a character, they're supposed to say friends of that character and not that they're that character? Well, I didn't know that!" she said in a TikTok video shared on July 30. "When I used to do meet and greets, people would come up and they'd be like, 'I'm friends with Peter Pan at Disneyland!'"

Holly admitted she often gave an awkward response, not knowing it was a way for fans to subtly tell her that they play a character at Disney parks.

Stars at Disneyland & Disney World

She added in the caption, "I didn't catch on until I heard it like three times."

Though Holly may have missed out on getting to know some of the people behind her favorite characters, the former Playboy Playmate still considers herself a Disney fanatic. After all, the middle name of her 9-year-old daughter Rainbow Aurora, who she shares with ex-husband Pasquale Rotella, is a nod to the titular princess in Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

And when Holly married Pasquale in September 2013, the pair celebrated their union with a lavish ceremony held at Disneyland—complete with a ride in Cinderella's glass carriage down Main Street and surprise appearances by Mickey and Minnie Mouse during the cake-cutting.

Whether she realizes it or not, Holly has some friends in magical places.

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