Find Out Why Bachelorette Rachel Recchia Kicked Contestant Hayden Out of the Competition

It was another dramatic week on The Bachelorette, which involved Rachel Recchia kicking Hayden off the show for remarks he made. Find out everything that went down on the Aug. 1 episode.

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There's nothing the City of Light can't fix—at least for a little while. 

After the controversial July 25 episode of The Bachelorette, in which the group of remaining men was split into two groups—one for Gabby Windey, one for Rachel Recchia—the vibes attempted to reset themselves in Paris.

With Rachel still reeling from last week's rose ceremony, in which she was rejected by three different men, she called her one-on-one date with Tino a chance to "get things back on track." The two made crepes together, kissed on a bridge in the rain and bonded over their ideas of work/life balance, before Rachel gave Tino her rose.

Consider things back on track.

Gabby picked Jason for her one-on-one date in Paris, which involved getting fitted for custom berets, kissing on a carousel and diving deep into why Jason tends to hold things close the vest. Their conversation was a little stunted and awkward, but ultimately rewarding, and Gabby gave Jason her rose. 

Love blossoms in Paris!

When it came time for Gabby's group date, her guys did their best to fight for her love—quite literally. The group was taught the art of French boxing, called savate, before throwing hands with one another. However, it was the action outside of the ring that got the most attention. 

Rachel and her group arrived to watch the festivities, but the guys were far more interested in the boxing than in Rachel. When they wouldn't give her the time of day, she broke down, saying, "I don't know why I feel more insecure, more desperate on the side of being The Bachelorette than I did being on the side of being a contestant on Clayton's season. Truly, he made he feel more wanted than these guys make me feel."

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Later that night, Rachel confronted the men. 

"I want you guys to want to be here for me, and tonight I didn't feel that at all," she told them. "I felt like I was trying so hard to make eye contact with someone and no one was looking at me. No one came over."

After crashing Gabby's group date, Rachel took the guys on a group date of their own, where they earned the art of French romance, which included flirting, French kissing their own fists and Rachel smelling their armpits. How chic!

Gabby and Rachel also went on one-on-one dates in France—Gabby with Spencer, Rachel with Tyler. Both dates went well and the men each earned roses, but nothing on this season of The Bachelorette can ever stay steady for long. 

Logan pulled host Jesse Palmer aside and told him that he was having stronger feelings for Gabby, despite being on Team Rachel. "Every time I'm in the same room with Gabby and Rachel," Logan revealed, "I realize my feelings toward Gabby."

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But that was nothing compared to what came next. 

After it was revealed that, prior to arriving in France, Hayden said neither Gabby or Rachel could "hold a candle" to his ex-girlfriend and "I don't see how any guy in here could be like ‘I'm f--kin' marrying these girls.'" Apparently James (a.k.a. Meatball) took it upon himself to confront Rachel with the news.

Rachel was understandably shocked and immediately stormed over to Hayden to get the truth. He denied everything (despite it being, you know, on camera), but Rachel wasn't buying it. 

"I really feel like this is the end of my rope," Rachel told Hayden. "I'm hitting road block after road block after road block, and I can't keep doing it. I can't really keep dealing with it. Can I walk you out?"

Hayden didn't even put up a fight.

After the dramatic events of the evening, Jesse announced that cocktail hour was canceled and they'd move directly into the rose ceremony—which meant Logan wasn't able to tell Gabby that he really had feelings for her. 

So, in true Bachelor fashion, Rachel's final rose was reserved for Logan. And he accepted. 

What could go wrong next week?

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