RHOM's Lisa Hochstein Hit With Restraining Order by Lenny Hochstein’s Girlfriend

Lenny Hochstein's girlfriend Katharina Mazepa served Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein with a restraining order, accusing her of harassment, defamation and more.

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Lenny Hochstein's girlfriend Katharina Mazepa is waging serious claims at his estranged wife, Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein

As part of a newly filed restraining order against Lisa—more specifically, a temporary injunction for protection against stalking violence—Katharina alleges that for the duration of her and Lenny's relationship—which began in May of this year, around the same time he filed for divorce—Lisa has been engaged in a campaign of "harassment, cyberstalking, bullying and defamation."

Katharina details this alleged behavior throughout the 15-page injunction—which E! News can confirm was initially requested on July 22, and later issued on July 25—accusing Lisa of "making threatening phone calls, creating fake social media accounts and posting threatening and false statements" to and about Katharina publicly online. Among these supposed false statements is that Katharina, 26, and Lenny, 56, had an affair prior to his split from Lisa, 40.

Katharina, meanwhile, categorically denies this. "I was not involved with Lenny until after Lisa and him had separated," she told E! News in an exclusive statement on August 1. "As Lenny pointed out in his own public statement, they have been separated and sleeping in different bedrooms for months now and living separate lives for months now. It is only after Lenny's separation that we began dating and having a relationship." 

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Citing several screenshots presented in the court documents as evidence that Lisa wasn't "blindsided" by Lenny's new relationship as she's previously stated, Katharina said Lisa is continuing to run with "the false narrative of having caught Lenny publicly cheating." 

"How can she have had 'no idea' about us going out together," Katharina continued, "when she had time to directly threaten me and [my] home with statements like 'you are going to pay' [and] 'I will destroy you'?" 

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Katharina's also accusing Lisa of threatening to have her deported to her native Austria, court docs show. However, as part of her statement to E!, Katharina claimed she's "not the only victim of Lisa's actions, as Lenny is as well."

More specifically, Katharina said Lisa is making "false allegations" so she can "gain an advantage over Lenny in the divorce proceedings."

Calling him "a good father" to the two children he shares with Lisa, she added, "[Lenny] has not exposed me to his children as Lisa has stated...and has always acted with the utmost mindset to protect his children and family. I respect that and help Lenny accomplish that by not being around his children despite what Lisa says."

Moving forward, Lisa said she plans to focus on "protecting my physical and emotional well being, my reputation, my business relationships, and living a peaceful life with my boyfriend."

The couple is apparently doing exactly that, as Louisa Warwick, Katharina's publicist and the founder at Social Acceleration Group, exclusively told E! News that they recently traveled to her hometown in Austria so Lenny could meet Katharina's family. 

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"The couple are very happy together having recently moved in together in Miami where Katharina works as a fashion model," Louisa added. "Katharina hopes this filing will help her move on peacefully with her relationship with Lenny."

A hearing is currently set for August 15, at which time the court will decide whether to issue a final judgement on the injunction.

E! News has reached out to Lisa for comment and has not heard back. Upon learning about Lenny's relationship with Katharina in May, a spokesperson for the RHOM star told E!, "With two young children involved, as a mom I'm going to focus all of my energy and time on them. I'm blindsided by his behavior and reckless handling of the situation."

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Lisa has previously been open about her marital struggles on the reality series. During RHOM's season four premiere, she said that after having trouble getting pregnant years before welcoming their two children, they almost got a divorce. 

"It was devastating," she said. "During this separation, Lenny had this emotional affair."

The couple ultimately reconciled and seemed to be doing well as recently as December 2021, when Lisa told E!, "We've been together for 14 years, almost 15 years, and that's like a lifetime in Miami. Just like everyone else we go through issues, we've had our ups and downs. But we stuck by each other's side and we just never give up."

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