See Keke Palmer Dominate a Nope-Themed Round of Password

Watch E! News' exclusive preview of the new NBC game show Password to see Nope co-stars Keke Palmer and Brandon Perea put each other to the test.

By Brett Malec Jul 28, 2022 5:00 PMTags

We're saying "yep" to this game show duo!

Nope co-stars Keke Palmer and Brandon Perea are putting their vocabulary skills to the test in this exclusive preview of NBC's new quiz show Password, which Keke is set to host.

"We're going to play a special Nope episode of Password," she says in the clip. "Here's how we play: We both have passwords on our cards, we haven't see them. We'll each take a turn giving one-word clues—one single word—for our partner to guess each password. Sounds easy, right? Not at all."

Despite Brandon admitting he's a little "scared," they jump right into round one.

It takes two words—"animal" and "Nope"—for Brandon to correctly guess "horse," a clear nod to their new horror flick which is set on a horse ranch. Next, Keke says "Heywood" and Brandon immediately replies "ranch."

Then it's the Lightyear actress' turn to prove her skills. When Brandon says "sky," she answers "cloud," aka the mysterious formations that appear in their thriller.

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Brandon applauds Keke's quick thinking, saying, "And that's why Keke Palmer is the host of Password and I am not."

But it's the final question that really shows off Keke's impressive chops (check it out below!).


At the end, she declares, "We are both winners in my book and our prize? A role in Jordan Peele's next film! Isn't that right, Jordan?"

Don't miss Keke host Password when it premieres Tuesday, Aug. 9, at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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