Train's Pat Monahan Shares Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Priceless AM Gold Tour

As part of E!’s Backstage Pass, Train’s lead singer Pat Monahan shared a glimpse into the brand’s summer tour with Jewel and Blues Traveler.

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Watch: Pat Monahan Talks Train Covering ABBA's Dancing Queen on New Tour

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Pat Monahan is ready to play that song, the one that makes Train fans go all night long.

This summer, the rock band known for huge hits like "Hey, Soul Sister" and "Calling All Angels" is hitting the road as part of the AM Gold tour, where they'll delight fans with their biggest hits from their nearly 30-year career.

"How could I ever get tired of somebody singing along with me?" lead singer Pat exclusively shared with E! News when describing Train's set list. "I dreamed of it as a kid so we finish every night—and have for 20 years—with ‘Drops of Jupiter.' It's a happy and sad moment because everyone knows that it's over, but it's also the most coming together moment for all of us."

Musicians Performing Live on Stage

After enjoying supporting acts including Jewel and Blues Traveler, fans are treated to a few collaborations, which may catch some concertgoers by surprise. During each set, John Popper joins Train for a cover of a Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young classic. As for Jewel, she keeps the dance party going with some ABBA.

Ben Zucker

"I had this idea that we would do this mash up of ‘Dancing Queen' and ‘Listen to the Music' by Doobie Brothers," Pat shared. "It goes over so well because no one's expecting Train to do ‘Dancing Queen', but with Jewel, it makes a lot of sense and it's a big hit."

Formed in San Francisco back in 1993, Train continues to expand its fan base thanks to their wide range of music, like their ninth studio album, AM Gold, featuring a collaboration with Sofía Reyes.

Ben Zucker

"Whenever I tell people who I would love to do some work with, they get surprised," he shared before dropping J. Cole and King George's names. "Doing new things is the only way to keep going really." 

For now, Pat is savoring all of the summer nights under the stars at amphitheaters across the country. Keep reading to learn more behind-the-scenes secrets from the tour. Plus, find out when they are coming to your city here.

Play That Song

This summer, Pat Monahan and Train are hitting the road with Jewel and Blues Traveler for the AM Gold Tour. 

Music for Everyone

Every night, Pat has a goal of bringing families together to make unforgettable memories. "If you're 6 or 100, you're going to enjoy it equally," he said. "That's always been my goal. And I think a great compliment is that it works." 

It's Love

At 53 years old, Pat has no intention to slow down anytime soon. "I'm a blue-collar guy and I'm going to keep going for as long as people will keep buying tickets and listening to Train," he said. "I'll know when it's time to not continue but until then, I want to keep trying to make my best work." 

One Wild Ride

When describing Train's longevity, Pat explained, "I've always been a marathon guy—never a sprinter. I just incorporate that in my music life too." 

We Are Family

If you're able to tour with Train, Pat wants you to feel welcome. "If I can't be with my family, then I want to at least enjoy the people I'm out with and I try to give that experience to everybody," he explained. "If I'm the headliner, I want to treat everyone like I would want to be treated." 


In between traveling and tour stops, Pat will bring his supporting acts and all the bands together for a special day. "I'm going to treat them all to Top Golf and food and whatever they want to drink," he said. "It's because Butch Walker taught me a big lesson. He taught me a lot of lessons in other areas too but that was a big one." 

Long Live Music

"I always tell people if you're not going to come and see Train, go see somebody because we lost live music for a while and you don't realize how important it is to you as a human until you're in that experience," Pat shared. "Having been a part of so many people's memories and experiences is pretty, pretty bitchin'." 

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