How LeAnn Rimes Is Celebrating 25 Years of "Music, Life and Survival" on the story…so far Tour

As part of E!'s Backstage Pass, LeAnn Rimes shared why she wants concertgoers to "feel a little bit more of who they really are inside" while hearing her music.

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This summer, LeAnn Rimes just wants to celebrate.

Yes, she's able to tour again for the first time in nearly two years. But the Grammy winning singer-songwriter has also reached an impressive accomplishment. 2022 marks 25 years since the release of her debut album Blue. Now, LeAnn is hitting the road to perform the biggest hits of her career on the story…so far tour.

"We are celebrating! We run down the records and have pulled stuff from many different albums that we're playing live," LeAnn exclusively shared with E! News. "I've been known for my ballads and some of my tours have been very laid back. Now, we only slow down a couple of times and it's just really fun."

Musicians Performing Live on Stage

In addition to hearing classic hits like "How Do I Live" and "I Need You," the 39-year-old artist is also excited to play new tracks from her upcoming album, god's work, set to be released Sept. 16.

Hannah Maldon

"It's really cool to see people instantly relate to the songs and I think the songs are not something that you have to know to enjoy because the messages of them live so deeply within us already," she shared. "People seem to be completely engaged and connected the whole time. It's a true celebration of music and life and survival. Not only for myself over the past 25 years, but also, where we've been in this world of the past two and a half years." 

When experiencing LeAnn live, the country star wants you to sing and dance. At the same time, she loves when people experience a wide variety of feelings when hearing her songs.

"As an artist, I think that's so gratifying to see people really run through the gamut of emotion in front of me and feel their heart a little deeper," she said. "That's my intention when I walk out. It's just to help people feel a little bit more of who they really are inside and to connect with those around them and their loved ones and themselves."

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Life on the Road

After performing for 25 years, LeAnn Rimes has learned a few things about traveling on a tour bus. "I take such good care of myself and I've learned what works and what doesn't work for me after all these years of doing it," she said. "I've learned that I have to fill myself back up because I give out so much energy. There's always a massage or a sauna or something that's waiting for me to just refill my body." 

Night and Day

"When I was out on the road at 13, I was drinking like four cokes a day not even thinking about it," LeAnn said. "Now, it's a completely different world and I have to have my rest. It has to be a balance and I've really learned how to enjoy as much as I can. Back in the day, I didn't see anywhere we went. I was constantly working so I try to schedule in some play time and some self-care time while I'm out here."

New Tunes

During the story...so far tour, LeAnn will play songs from her upcoming album god's work. "There's a lot of rhythm and a lot of great drumming on this album," she teased. "I always seem to gravitate toward just what I'm moved by at the time. It's very instinctual and what's moving my heart and I feel like if I always create from that place, I seem to be able to connect with other people through that."

Family Cheerleaders

On every tour, LeAnn is grateful for the love and encouragement displayed from her husband Eddie Cibrian. "He's constantly supporting me and when he's on tour, he's always on the side of the stage jamming out," she said. "You'd think he would get bored of hearing me but he seems to light up every time." 

Impressive Mama

While LeAnn's stepsons Mason, 18, and Jake, 15, may be teenagers, they have a respect for what the artist does night after night. "The other day, Jake finally understood ‘Can't Fight the Moonlight' and he's like, ‘Man, that song slaps,'" LeAnn joked. "I was like, Oh, I'm all of a sudden cool. It was pretty funny. It's one of his jams now. Nothing we do is cool but I have one song that he's like, ‘Oh, that's a good one.'"

Gratitude Over Attitude

When looking back on her career, LeAnn is thankful for where she has ended up. "I've come through a lot and to be a child star and to have navigated this world and the terrain fairly gracefully has been probably my greatest accomplishment," she said. "To be in the best place of my life now artistically and emotionally and physically than ever, I feel like that really is my personal greatest accomplishment." 

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