Southern Charm's Madison LeCroy and Venita Aspen Tease What's to Come on Season 8

Southern Charm's dynamic duo Madison LeCroy and Venita Aspen told E! News that they're both happy to stir the pot. Find out what's in store for the rest of season 8!

By Allison Crist Jul 14, 2022 8:12 PMTags
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The drama on Southern Charm is just getting started. 

That's according to cast members Madison LeCroy and Venita Aspen, who told E! News that they did not hold back at all while filming season eight.

Venita, who was promoted to a full-time position this time around, is especially bringing her A-game. "Last year I was a little reserved," she said. "I didn't wanna be too much. And now we're doing everything. We're doing the most."

Madison concurred. "She's more of herself this year," the hairstylist said, declaring that they're even better together. "People don't know what to do with us!"

They're capable of putting on a show with or without the help of their co-stars, though. Throwing some shade at a few cast members, Venita added, "I feel like they thought that they were going to be able to push Madison out and not have to deal with someone coming in and stirring the pot a little bit. And then here I come here!" 

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As Madison put it, "It's like passing the stick. Venita's taken off, and I'm like, 'Go girl, go.'"

Viewers already know that there's several showdowns to come based on the season eight trailer, including one between Venita and Naomie Olindo, who can be seen telling Venita to "shut up." 

Firing back, Venita tells her, "You've got this whole love for me, but now you're telling me to shut up?"

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There's no telling when the confrontation will unfold, but Venita did tell E! News that "there's a lot of drama that comes from that moment, for sure." 

Madison, meanwhile, is busy planning her wedding, shooing away the naysayers (ahem, Austen Kroll), and patiently awaiting the reunion, which she dubbed her "favorite place" because she's free to confront anyone she'd like. 

Hopefully season eight's won't be as dramatic as the last one, though. "I don't know how much more heat I could take," Madison said while looking back at the episodes that saw her spar with both Austen and Craig Conover; the latter of which accused her of cheating with Alex Rodriguez. "I have PTSD from that." 

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On a more positive note, Venita and Madison both expressed their excitement for Southern Charm fans to see their growth. 

"I feel like on a lot of these shows," Venita said, "it takes a couple of seasons for you to see the growth in a person but I felt like I did a pretty good job of being one person when we started, and learning that's not always acceptable and doing what I needed to do to change to be better."

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