How Sheree Zampino's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Debut Hilariously Reignited Pantygate

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' June 29 episode introduced new season 12 friend-of Sheree Zampino, who re-introduced a long-forgotten feud: pantygate.

By Allison Crist Jun 30, 2022 1:00 AMTags

Sheree Zampino's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills debut was well worth the wait. 

The new season 12 friend-of was introduced on the June 29 episode, first appearing alongside close pal Garcelle Beauvais as they caught up over coffee, and later at a party where she was introduced to all of the other ladies (aside from Sutton Stracke, who she was already friends with). 

The chit-chat amongst the group was relatively uninteresting, though Garcelle did manage to shock a few of her co-stars by revealing that she dated Sheree's ex-husband, who just so happens to be Will Smith. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Sheree made a bold declaration: "2020 was bad for a lot of people, but I also think it was kind of like a spiritual awakening. I'll tell you, I literally—this is gonna sound crazy—I made peace with my vagina."

Erika Jayne's ears perked up; Garcelle and Sutton delivered a response that's sure to be turned into a viral reaction video and Dorit Kemsley even made a little joke, asking, "Were you at war with your vagina?"

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But as fascinating as that exchange was, what came next was even better. Garcelle made a comment about underwear, prompting Erika to call out Dorit. "Well, don't ask her husband," Erika said, "because I don't like to wear underwear and apparently he looked at my p---y all night." 

Erika was, of course, making a reference to the season seven drama—aptly dubbed "pantygate"—surrounding Dorit's husband, Paul "PK" Kemsley. It all started when Erika made a brief remark about not wearing underwear during a dinner party. Afterward, a disturbed Dorit proceeded to have several conversations about the non-issue and even accused Erika of purposely flashing PK. A feud was formed, and several confrontations—many of which involved PK himself—played out. 


Eventually, pantygate faded into the background—until the most recent episode of RHOBH, that is. Dorit didn't lash out, though, and instead gave a forced smile before throwing some mild shade in a confessional. "When something is right there," she said, "how do you avoid it?" 

Best of all, PK showed up to the party shortly after, and many laughs were had at his expense—in good fun, of course. 

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