Natasha Bedingfield Unmasks All the Secrets Behind The Masked Singer Tour

As part of E!’s Backstage Pass, Natasha Bedingfield gave fans an inside look into how Fox’s The Masked Singer became a traveling live production.

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Watch: Natasha Bedingfield on Why She Joined The Masked Singer Tour

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Natasha Bedingfield has a pocketful of secrets about this summer's hottest new tour.

After appearing as Pepper on season 6 of The Masked Singer in 2021, the 40-year-old performer fell in love with the reality show where celebrities face off against each other in elaborate costumes to conceal their identities.

Now she's ready to bring Fox's hit show on the road this summer as host of the Masked Singer 2022 North American tour.

"I had a really good conversation with the producers and as they explained to me what this show is about, they really convinced me to join," Natasha exclusively shared with E! News. "I found out that this show has a story line just like any kind of show that you might go watch on Broadway."

Musicians Performing Live on Stage

She added, "The story is how do the characters find their true authentic selves—without the celebrity—inside."

Reema Shah

As host of the show, Natasha will be singing her biggest hits and showing off her own dance moves. She also promises an interactive show where attendees can guess which celebrity guest is behind the costumes.

In just the first weekend of shows, audience members have been treated to special appearances from American Idol winner Maddie Poppe and 98 DegreesDrew Lachey.

"There may be a famous athlete who's from your area or there may be a famous newscaster or an actor or a singer," she teased. "It will be really fun to see if people guess. They'll be singing and wearing a costume and I love that the show has kept that guessing element."

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Meet Ms. Pepper

Before hosting The Masked Singer tour, Natasha Bedingfield experienced the show as a contestant when she portrayed Pepper. "I let Pepper make me a little bit more emotional," she told E! News. "I'm very British and I'm a woman and we try not to be too emotional. Pepper let me be a little more spicy, a little more hot and bothered or angry or sad."

Team Effort

Before kicking off the tour, Natasha couldn't hide her excitement at what she saw during rehearsals. "It has all the craziness of the TV show and it becomes interactive," she teased. "I think it will be unique and outstanding." 

All Are Welcome

"It feels like a family show," Natasha said before hitting the road. "It will be entertaining for everyone. I'm bringing my son with me. My husband and son are going to be traveling on the bus all summer."

Taking Center Stage

To be able to perform again is something Natasha doesn't take for granted. "There really is nothing like being in a room with other people doing music together," she said. "There's just nothing like it in the whole world and there's a feeling where it elevates you. You go on a journey."

Just the Beginning

Natasha wouldn't be surprised if this tour becomes a summer tradition for The Masked Singer family. "You feel the feels and it did get me thinking about Broadway production," she said. "This could be an ongoing show that will be very popular in its own right."

Guess Who

Just like on the TV show, fans will have to try and figure out who is behind the wild costumes. 

The Big Reveal

You just never know who you may see this tour! The Boom Boom Box turned out to be the one and only Drew Lachey.

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