Shereé Whitfield And Drew Sidora Take Their RHOA Feud Off-Screen

Shereé Whitfield and Drew Sidora continued their Real Housewives of Atlanta drama online after the show's most recent episode. Find out what's behind all the juicy drama.

By Paige Strout May 18, 2022 9:22 PMTags
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These Georgia peaches are feeling anything but sweet.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Shereé Whitfield and Drew Sidora have picked up their latest on-screen fight on social media after the Bravo series' May 15 episode.

The women's recent beef involves Drew's assistant Anthony. According to him, Shereé never paid him for his past work as her assistant, leading him to cut ties with the RHOA star. However, Shereé said that Anthony was never her assistant or on her payroll. Shereé also accused Anthony of spreading rumors that Drew's husband, Ralph Pittman, is gay.

Both women sniped at each other on Twitter during the episode's premiere. Drew tweeted, "If you can't distinguish Spring, Summer and September, you probably can't keep your payrolls straight."

Shereé clapped back, replying, "Just like you can't keep your marriage straight."

Just as she did during Kenya's daughter's birthday party, Drew tweeted Shereé to "KEEP MY HUSBAND'S NAME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH."

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"Or WHAT?!?" Shereé responded. "Keep my finances out your mouth…who tf are you? A bank teller at Wells Fargo???"

It didn't stop there, as Drew said in an interview with Dish Nation on May 16 that her Shereé should spend less time talking about other people's marriages and more time focusing on her fashion line.

Stephanie Eley/Bravo

"[Shereé] needs to be worried about if she's coming back next season," said Drew. Bringing up her frenemy's clothing line, She by Shereé, Drew added, "She really needs to focus on She by Shereé 'cause I haven't seen s--t by Shereé."

"Girl bye! Not worried about that at ALLLLL!" Shereé responded to Drew's shade. Based on the co-stars' online interactions, it's safe to say that more juicy drama is yet to come this season.

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