Cheryl Burke Reveals She and Matthew Lawrence Were in Couples Therapy Before Breakup

Cheryl Burke discussed attending couples therapy with ex Matthew Lawrence before they even walked down the aisle. Learn why she doesn't "regret" going.

By Kelly Gilmore May 04, 2022 8:56 PMTags
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Nearly three months after Cheryl Burke filed for divorce from estranged husband Matthew Lawrence, she is opening up about the efforts they made to avoid calling it quits.

"Matt and I, we definitely, we were in couples therapy, even before our marriage," Cheryl explained on the May 4 episode of Tamron Hall.

Reflecting on their nearly three-year marriage, Cheryl noted that she and Matthew "definitely did try."

"People evolve and people grow," she explained. "And sometimes they grow together and sometimes, you know, you unfortunately grow apart."

The Dancing With the Stars pro shared that she is "a huge advocate for therapy," while also highlighting the misconceptions many couples may have about seeking outside help.

"I mean, I think people associate therapy with like, 'Oh my god, there's a problem,'" she shared. "But really I think it's very healthy to actually have that third person there that's not biased and that can give you ways and tools I guess you could say on how to communicate."

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She later added, "I think it's very important cause emotions sometimes and feelings can get in the way and can get maybe misconstrued."

On the topic of her personal journey, Cheryl expressed that she doesn't "regret" attending couples therapy, saying, "I think that really was very helpful for both of us individually—I can only speak for myself and for me."

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Cheryl filed for divorce from The Hot Chick actor on Feb. 18, per court documents obtained by E! News. Cheryl listed irreconcilable differences as the reason for their breakup. The move to go their separate ways came nearly three years after the pair—who first met in 2006tied the knot on May 23, 2019.

After filing, Cheryl took to Instagram to touch on the "big emotions" she was processing.

"If I'm being honest, really feeling my feelings is new to me," she wrote. "I've spent my entire life up to this point trying to numb them, and I'm learning that really going through them is A LOT harder."