The Masked Singer Preview: Could Jennifer Lopez’s Ex-Fiancé Be Under the Prince Costume?

A famous ex of Jennifer Lopez is theorized to be under the Prince costume in this exclusive peek at the April 20 episode of The Masked Singer. See why Jenny McCarthy thinks it’s Alex Rodriguez.

By Daniel Trainor Apr 19, 2022 5:00 PMTags
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Is J. Lo's ex working out his feelings about her new engagement on The Masked Singer?

After costumed frog Prince's debut performance, panelist Jenny McCarthy wonders if Alex Rodriguez is underneath the crown, as seen in this sneak peek from the singing competition's April 20 episode.

Jenny makes an educated guess after seeing a big ol' diamond in Prince's clue package.

"I did see that diamond, so it made me think of a baseball diamond," Jenny says. "Or the engagement ring could be that infamous ring that be took back from J. Lo. I think it's Alex Rodriguez!"

Jenny isn't the only panelist with America's pastime on the brain, however. Prince's clue package includes a reference to the year 2006, which got some wheels turning.

"When I first started hearing the voice in the performance, I was thinking Enrique [Iglesias]," Robin Thicke says. "But I am on this athlete tip and now that we're in 2006, could it possibly be the Prince of New York, Derek Jeter?"

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A bit of an awkward guess by Robin, seeing as Derek used to date Masked Singer host Nick Cannon's ex-wife Mariah Carey. But hey, all bets are off inside the Masked Singer arena!

While J. Lo and Ben Affleck flaunt their love for the world to see, it doesn't appear that A-Rod is any worse for wear. The former Yankees star was spotted with fitness competitor Kathryne Padgett sitting courtside at the Minnesota Timberwolves play-in game against the LA Clippers on April 12.

This season, Philadelphia Eagles star Jordan Mailata has already been unmasked as Thingamabob. So, maybe another professional athlete has joined the competition!

Judge for yourself if A-Rod—or one of his Bronx Bomber teammates—might be Prince when The Masked Singer airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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