Lizzo Jokes About Chris Evans Pregnancy Rumors in SNL Return

Lizzo addressed rumors that she's pregnant with Chris Evans' baby during her opening monologue as host of Saturday Night Live on April 16, adding, "I have no idea where that one started."

By Emlyn Travis Apr 17, 2022 4:26 PMTags
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When it comes to Lizzo's love life, the rumors you've heard aren't true.  

The "Truth Hurts" singer, 33, took a moment to jokingly set the record straight about her relationship status in her opening monologue while hosting Saturday Night Live on April 16. And yes, that includes those pregnancy rumors surrounding her and actor Chris Evansthat she started.

"I read a lot of gossip online that I'm dating every little white boy in Hollywood," Lizzo said. "They think I'm collecting members of One Direction like Infinity Stones. I even heard a rumor that I'm pregnant with Chris Evans' baby." 

The first-time SNL host, who also performed singles "About Damn Time" and "Special" as the show's musical guest, continued, "I have no idea where that one started."

Then, after a moment of reflection, she added, "It could be the TikTok I did…Where I said, ‘I'm pregnant with Chris Evans' baby, y'all.'" 

She jokingly added, "It's called manifesting!" 

Lizzo Suggests Chris Evans "Put Another Bun Up in My Oven" in Latest Shout-Out

The Grammy-winning musician has been manifesting a magic moment between the pair for a long time now.

It all started back in April 2021, when Lizzo drunkenly slid into Chris' Instagram DMs and later shared his sweet reply online. Three months later in July, Lizzo posted a video on TikTok that saw her pretending to be pregnant with Chris' baby, sharing that she'd be welcoming "a little America" sometime in the future. 

In response, Chris returned to the DMs to share his equal excitement about their imaginary child. "Hi! Just heard about our little bundle of joy," he wrote. "My mother will be so happy lol. (Just promise me no gender reveal parties lol)." 

But the baby rumors didn't stop there! At a concert in December, Lizzo stoked the pretend parenthood flames once again when she jokingly said that she should "call Chris Evans" during a cover of Erykah Badu's "Tyrone."

She added, "Maybe Captain America could put another bun up in my oven." 

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