Backstreet Boys Tease Larger Than Life Dancing, Fashion and Surprises on DNA World Tour

As part of E!’s Backstage Pass, Backstreet Boys Nick Carter and AJ McLean revealed what fans can expect on the band’s new tour and what makes their songs timeless year after year.

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What happens in Vegas, doesn't always have to stay in Vegas—especially for the Backstreet Boys
Before the coronavirus pandemic, the band earned the title of fastest-selling residency in Sin City thanks to their Larger Than Life show at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Now, they're headed out onto the road for the DNA World Tour.

But first, they have to kick things off in the city that means so much to them. On April 15 and 16, the group will perform at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace before traveling the country all summer long.
"When we did the residency, it became a home," Nick Carter exclusively told E! News. "It was a lot of fun, but it became more than just a show for me. It became life…I've raised my three kids here and it's just been a really awesome experience."

Sebastián Yatra's Dharma World Tour

Still, the band is excited to share the tour with fans, says AJ McLean. "For two hours, you get to see 32 songs and just have the time of your life and hopefully come back and do it multiple times," he said. "We're super proud of the show. We're proud of this album and we're really just anxious to get back on tour, get back on the bus and get back on the road."

Justin Segura

In true BSB fashion, both Nick and AJ promised a show filled with plenty of "high fashion" moments. Each member will show off their personality through eye-catching looks.
"Yes, you do see me in a Fedora as usual," AJ joked. "I've recently been obsessed with beanies so you see me in a few beanies. You see me in a lot more oversized. I'm bringing the baggy jeans back. Nick is high-end athletic meets fashion couture."
For those who want to get up and move, you've come to the right tour. According to AJ, the entire group—including Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell and Kevin Richardson—dances for 90 percent of the show.

"We are all over 40. We're still dancing like we're 20," he joked. "That's the thing about Backstreet Boys. In comparison to other ‘boy bands' is we come from a different generation, which is performers. We are performers. We're not just standing up there sitting on stools. We are showmen and we are taking people down memory lane with all of our massive hits."
For more secrets behind the DNA World Tour, keep reading. And find out when the Backstreet Boys are coming to your town here.

Backstreet's Back

On April 8, the Backstreet Boys kicked off the DNA World Tour with four shows in Las Vegas. "We go on stage and perform for two hours," Nick Carter told E! News. "We give our all and we dance and we sing. Our blood, sweat and tears go into this performance and it's for the fans."

Dress to Impress

Over the past 29 years, the members of Backstreet Boys have found their unique fashion style, while also being cohesive as a group. "The second act is very organic. The third act is more colorful," AJ McLean teased about the DNA Tour looks. "The last act is white and red and silver, which coincides with the DNA strand. The opening act is black and kind of black leather and military. It's just a really great vibe throughout the show." 

Singers First

While the dancing and fashion elements of the show are fun, Nick is quick to remind fans that it's only part of the experience. "You can get caught up in the performance part of us, but you forget that we're singers first and the most important part is the vocals," he said. "We are a vocal harmony group and we showcase that in the show." 

Making Memories

At every show, AJ loves seeing the different songs that touch audience members in various ways. "The songs take you back to a moment in time," he shared. "Whether it's a breakup or it's your wedding day or the birth of your child or hanging out with your best friend. Our music has been able to transcend and really touch so many people at different points in their life." 

No Playing Games

"We've had two years to really sit back home and really reflect and think about why we do what we do," Nick explained. "We're coming back out again with this new perspective. We realize how important our job is in regards to people who are searching for that escapism and that nostalgia, something just to make them happy again with the craziness of the world." 

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