Why Meghan King Says Cuffe Biden Owens Relationship Was Like an “Arranged Marriage”

The Real Housewives of Orange County's Meghan King said that her two month marriage to Cuffe Biden Owens felt "arranged," shared what she has learned from her past relationships.

By Steven Vargas Mar 31, 2022 11:26 PMTags
Watch: Meghan King & Cuffe Biden Owens Had an ARRANGED Marriage?!

Meghan King says her marriage to Cuffe Biden Owens seemed like a good idea.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star told Jeff Lewis in an interview for his Sirius XM's Jeff Lewis Live, that her union with her now estranged husband Cuffe felt like an arranged marriage.

Meghan said she decided to marry Cuffe—who is also President Joe Biden's cousin—because she was "so ready for a partner" and needed help taking care of her three kids she shares with ex Jim EdmondsAspen King Edmonds, 5, Hart Edmonds, 3, Hayes Edmonds, 3.

"I just wanted some help and I want a partnership," she said. "And so, you know, he said all the right things and I and the families were a good, good fit. And he seemed to grow up similarly to me and it was almost like an arranged marriage."

But the arrangement didn't last long. Meghan announced she would be splitting from Cuffe after two months of marriage in an Instagram Story on Dec. 27, saying, "I've been asked by many outlets and individuals to comment on the state of my marriage. I am rattled. This situation is profoundly devastating. This is obviously not what I imagined when I made my vows—and I'm shocked and saddened by the way things turned out." She is now seeking annulment.

Meghan King Edmonds' Family Life

She also told Jeff about her previous marriages, saying that her relationship with her first husband Brad McDill "didn't count" since they married when she was 22, adding, "That was like a practice."

The first "real" marriage was with her ex-husband of about five years Jim. "That was a real, legitimate marriage and divorce," Meghan said, summing up that "this last one is gonna be annulled, so I've had three weddings and two marriages."


Each relationship helped her understand what she wants, she explained, saying she figured out that she loves stability.

"I love falling in love, but you know what I like more than falling in love? I like the stable part," Meghan said. The honeymoon phase is great and everything, but I really just want stability and I want a partner."

She added, "That's what I'm looking for over and over and over and I'm getting it wrong. So something is off."

In a relationship, Meghan said she looks for how her potential partner will react in difficult situations, such as money issues, job stresses and fights.

"I'm so committed and loyal when I have that partner," she said. "And I will do whatever I can to make it work. But it takes two."

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