Gabby Windey's Response to Bachelor Clayton Echard's Decision Deserves a Standing Ovation

On the March 15 episode of The Bachelor, Clayton Echard broke up with Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia, inspiring an epic clapback from Gabby. See what was said here.

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Gabby Windey's exit speech deserves a round of applause.

During part two of The Bachelor season 26 finale, which aired March 15, the 30-year-old ICU nurse put Bachelor Clayton Echard in his place after the leading man boldly dumped her and Rachel Recchia days after begging them to stay on the show. The frustrated response came about after Clayton told the two contestant that he loved them both, but his heart was with Susie Evans, who went home during the March 8 episode.

Gabby's response? "I really don't have anything to say. Thank you, I know it was hard to come here and tell us, but I think you were too late. And for both of us, you could have thought about it before, putting yourself in our shoes. So that's it, I think, for me."

As Rachel was left teary eyed and speechless, Clayton decided to chase after Gabby, which may've been a bad call on his part. When Clayton attempted to apologize, Gabby snapped that she didn't know him at all, adding, "I can't believe anything you say, not one thing. You asked me to stay because you were pissed and your pride was hurt because Susie left."

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As she continued, Gabby called out Clayton for not confiding in herself and Rachel with his complicated feelings. Not to mention, she was confused as to why he begged her to stay on the show after she decided to self eliminate amid the Susie reveal.

"So what is the difference?" she said. "Honestly, like a couple of days doesn't seem to make that big of a difference, Clayton. Except that one time it was going to be my decision, which you didn't want it to be, and now it's your decision so, it's easier."

Pamela Littky; Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

When Clayton defended that he was falling in love with all three ladies, but saw his future with Susie, Gabby uttered a line that had all of Bachelor Nation cheering: "You sound actually ridiculous."

After some more back-and-forth, Gabby departed her Icelandic hotel, refusing to let the Bachelor walk her out. Unsurprisingly, Gabby's reaction created quite a stir online.

"gabby is a 100% right," one fan wrote, "he just doesn't wanna leave empty handed so he's choosing his second choice."

Another fan weighed in, writing, "Gabby reading this motherf---er like a book."

A different viewer declared with pride, "GABBY!!!!!!! Ok I go to the end of the earth for this woman."

Gabby was equally impressive during her After the Final Rose conversation with Clayton. She sounded off in front of an audience, "I just feel so misled. And I feel like I wasn't given all the information even though you did have all the information at the times when I was making those decisions, on whether I wanted to leave or not. So that is something I didn't expect. I think that really is what hurts the most for me is I truly feel betrayed."

You tell him, girl!

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