Michael Cera Reveals Sex of His Baby Days After Amy Schumer Accidentally Announces His Newborn's Birth

After Amy Schumer accidentally confirmed in a new interview that Michael Cera is now a father, the actor is sharing details about the baby he secretly welcomed in 2021.

By Mike Vulpo Mar 08, 2022 10:00 PMTags
Watch: Amy Schumer ACCIDENTALLY Reveals Michael Cera's Baby News

From Superbad to Superdad!

Last week, Michael Cera joined Amy Schumer for an interview with Entertainment Tonight about their new series, Life & Beth. During the chat, Cera's co-star accidentally confirmed that he is a father and secretly welcomed a baby in 2021.

Now that the news is out, Cera is sharing new details about his youngest family member.

"He's just a little 6-month-old baby," he told Extra on March 7. "Actually, watching Amy's documentary, I was just shocked to watch it. Like, I already had a very strong appreciation…of what women go through, but, you know, you can only have a distant outsider, you know, appreciation for it."

In 2020, Schumer gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at her pregnancy journey in HBO Max's Expecting Amy. The docuseries chronicled the comedian's high-risk pregnancy and battle with hyperemesis before welcoming her son, Gene, with husband Chris Fischer

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As for Cera, he has remained more private about his personal life including his relationship with longtime partner Nadine, who he reportedly married in March 2018. At the time, the pair was spotted in New York wearing matching gold bands.

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If it weren't for Schumer, fans would likely not know that Cera had become a dad.

"Michael has a baby too, she shared in their joint interview. "Is that public knowledge? I just outed him, I just outed his baby." 

Cera seemingly confirmed the news himself when he added, "We're right at the beginning of it. We're doing the very basics right now." 

And for those wondering just how close Schumer and Cera are after working on Life & Beth, the comedian shared some insight in a separate podcast interview.

"Michael Cera plays my romantic love interest," she said on Chelsea Handler's iHeartRadio podcast Dear Chelsea. "He's married, I'm married, we both have kids."