Why Russell Dickerson's Journey From Blue Tacomas to Family Tour Buses Is One Sweet Ride

As part of E!’s Backstage Pass, country music singer Russell Dickerson shared the one constant throughout every tour: his supportive wife, Kailey Dickerson.

By Mike Vulpo Jan 31, 2022 2:00 PMTags
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Consider this your official invite to the RD Party.

More than a year after the release of his sophomore album, Southern Symphony, Russell Dickerson is heading back on the road for his headlining All Yours All Night tour. From now until March 25, the country singer will be performing his biggest hits while bringing unstoppable energy fans can't get enough of.

As Russell exclusively shared with E! News, "There are many reasons we call it the RD Party." Along with including his initials, the nickname makes it clear that "it's not a sleepy show." He explained, "If you've been to an RD Party before, you know that when you show up, you're singing from top to bottom. We're dancing the whole night. We're going to sing and slay and make this an evening full of memories."

Musicians Performing Live on Stage

Along for the ride is Russell's wife Kailey Dickerson, who has had a front-row seat to his journey from a Tennessee guitar tech to a headlining artist.


During his initial gigs, Russell recalled his wife setting up merchandise tables, driving the van and taking photos during the show. "She would make it look like there were way more people than were actually there," he joked. "At the end of the show, she would go back to the merch table and sell the shirts and CDs and everything."

Now, she's able to ride in style with their 16-month-old son Remington. In fact, the family now travels from venue to venue in their own tour bus nicknamed Remdog's Road House.

"Even when I asked my wife to start dating, she said, ‘I'm not going to date an artist who's going to be gone all the time,'" Russell recalled. "I said I want my family to stay together while we're on the road…Now to have our own tour bus, just the three of us, and keep our family together on the road is special." 

Once it's showtime, Russell hopes his loyal fans will experience an unforgettable night. And yes, there may be a few surprises sprinkled in throughout the evening. 

"There's little moments that we've created," he teased. "We try to create moments in every song." Keep scrolling for more insider access from Russell's latest tour.

Feel the Love

For Russell Dickerson's All Yours All Night tour, fans can expect all the hits including his romantic songs. "I feel like I've been given a spot in country music to help guys express their feelings," he said. "I love playing ‘Yours' and ‘Love You Like I Used To' and to see couples, not just young couples but couples with some time in, slow dancing and kissing. I'm like, ‘That's right.'"

Party Time

Another reason why Russell's concerts are known as RD Parties? It may have to do with some specific tracks. "I've had my songs remixed to turn into an actual dance party," he explained. "For my song ‘MGNO,' I had a producer actually make a full on EDM drop and it's the height of the show. Everybody's jumping and going crazy. There's smoke going off and all that stuff." 

Cheers to Good Nights

Before showtime, Russell likes to enjoy a bourbon beverage to warm up the vocals. "Maybe just a little Buffalo Trace on the rocks," he joked. 

Gather Together

In addition to having a good drink, Russell also makes it a priority to gather the team together for a group exercise. "We huddle up before and pray over the band, pray over everybody there that they feel some sort of joy and light from this music that we've created and this evening we've created." 

Go Team

Before Russell plays his biggest hits, attendees are treated to a set from Breland. "He's got the country and the hip-hop crossover just perfectly dialed in and obviously that shows on ‘My Truck,'" Russell said. "Once you hear that song, you can't deny that the kid is a star. I'm so pumped that we got him locked, because he is a young star and he is rising." 

Star of the Show

Being able to headline a concert is an accomplishment Russell doesn't take for granted. "They bought a ticket to see Russell Dickerson and those fans come along with knowing all the album cuts and not just the songs that have been on the radio," he said. "We haven't experienced that yet. I can't wait to just play all the songs off Southern Symphony that we haven't gotten to play this year." 

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