Hear Julia Garner's Bizarre Accent in Inventing Anna Trailer

Julia Garner has transformed into scammer Anna Delvey for the Netflix series Inventing Anna. See the trailer here!

By Cydney Contreras Jan 14, 2022 4:00 PMTags
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This trailer is worth watching for Julia Garner's accent alone.

In the trailer for Shonda Rhimes' Netflix series Inventing Anna, The Ozark actress speaks in a bizarre accent to portray fake German heiress Anna Delvey-Sorokin, whose real-life crimes inspired the show.

When Julia spoke to W magazine in August, she said that she blends together multiple accents, explaining, "Anna's posing as a German heiress, but actually she's Russian, so first I had to learn to speak in English with a proper German accent, and after that learn a slightly Russian accent to add underneath."

To make matters more complicated, Anna lived in the United States and was around Americans, so Julia said the "musicality of her speech was American."

All of this combined results in an odd accent that you honestly have to hear to believe. And, like her voice, Anna's story is just as outlandish, seeing as she literally convinced New York's elite that she was a German heiress.

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Anna's rise and fall was so interesting it garnered the attention of Shonda, who has turned it into a nine episode limited series for Netflix. 

Shonda recently admitted she has mixed feelings about Anna, who was released from prison in February 2021. "You understand why someone like Anna would do what she did," she told Time of Anna's conviction on theft of services and grand larceny. "Because we press everyone's nose to the glass of a different kind of life, and then we tell them they can't have it."

She added, "If she had been a man, would she have gotten in so much trouble? Would people have even been as fascinated by her? If Anna Delvey had been what is typically called a hot chick, would people have been so outraged?"

Viewers can come to their own conclusions when the series premieres on Netflix Feb. 11.

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