How Fez's Fate Was Originally Supposed to Play Out on Euphoria

Angus Cloud, who portrays Fezco, revealed that Sam Levinson had a different plan for the character in season one of Euphoria.

By Cydney Contreras Jan 11, 2022 5:22 PMTags

That iconic scene in Euphoria where Fez breaks a bottle over Nate's head almost didn't happen.

In an interview with GQ, published Monday, Jan. 10, Angus Cloud shared that Euphoria creator Sam Levinson originally planned to kill off in the first season but changed his mind. 

"I don't know, but apparently, because they cast me off the street, I guess the character of Fezco was [never meant to stick around]," he explained. "I don't even know how. I never saw that script. No one ever told me."

In the first season, Fez is introduced as Rue's (Zendaya) drug dealer, though he treats her more like family. So, out of concern, he warns Nate (Jacob Elordi) to stay away from Rue and Jules (Hunter Schafer). But the threat backfires and it's hinted that Nate reports Fez to the police, which would've been an opportune time to kill off the character.

He only learned about Fez's supposed death when Jacob spilled the beans. Angus recalled, "It was one day when we were filming the pilot that I think Jacob told me, he was like, 'Oh yeah, you didn't know? Your character gets [imitates brains getting blown out].'"

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Though Angus doesn't know how his death scene was supposed to go down, he thinks Sam "liked what I did" and decided to make Fez a recurring member of the cast.

And we're euphoric that he did, because the season two premiere introduced Fez's origin story, revealing how the drug dealer came to be raised by his grandmother, who was portrayed by Katherine Narducci

Eddy Chen/HBO

The episode, titled "There's My Heart," was essentially all about Fez and his unconventional upbringing. It explained how baby Ashtray (Javon Walton) was given to Fez's grandmother as collateral, why Fez can be a bit slow and why he had no choice but to beat the living hell out of Nate (Elordi) at the end of the episode.

It was an exciting episode for Angus, who said, "I was super juiced up. Reading that script, I was fired up for sure."

Although, he didn't necessarily have fun filming that fight scene. "It was a hard scene to shoot, man. A lot of broken bottles and a lot of different movements," he said. "I was swinging my fist for like three hours. My arm was sore as s--t, man. I swear to God, my whole shoulder, just from swinging fake air punches that weren't even hitting anything."


Now it seems that Fez got his payback and is ready to move on, with Angus sharing that viewers will see his "innocence."

"I'm excited for y'all to see how he kind of comes out of his hard shell a little bit and he kind of exposes his softer side," Angus said of the rest of the season. "He might be a year older, but he had to act like an adult from such a young age. his inner kid is still in there and you get to see it come out slightly."

Euphoria airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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