Terry Bradshaw Loses a Bet But Wins in a Big Way on The Bradshaw Bunch

By Allison Crist Dec 16, 2021 3:00 AMTags
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You win some, you lose some. 

Terry Bradshaw and his eight-year-old granddaughter Zurie went head-to-head in a horse show competition on tonight's all-new episode of The Bradshaw Bunch

The duo made sure to place a bet beforehand, and the terms were as follows: If Zurie won, Terry had to buy her a wagon horse, and if Terry won, Zurie had to give him a foot massage.

That last task might not sound that bad, but consider what Terry was telling his daughter Rachel just a couple of months ago, as evidenced by a Bradshaw Bunch flashback: "If I cut that toenail off, it would bounce off the floor. That toenail weighs about half a pound."

There's no way Terry was backing down, either. As he warned Zurie, "There's no way you'll beat me. And if you think because you're eight years old I'm gonna cut you some slack, you've got another thing comin' girlfriend!"

Suffice to say, Zurie did beat Terry.

Terry Bradshaw's Girl Dad Moments

However, as much as Terry wanted to actually follow through with his side of the bet, Zurie's parents had to first decide whether or not they wanted to move to Texas full time—something they weren't prepared to do quite yet. 

Zurie's dad Noah is especially hesitant since he has a career as a successful chef back in Hawaii. 

The horse show did sway his opinion, though!

"Seeing Zurie out there with something that she loves so naturally really kind of reminds me of myself when I found cooking," Noah told his wife, Lacey. "I knew it was the thing for me, so it's really hard for me to think about taking that away from her by going back to Hawaii."

Lacey was immediately thrilled. "So you're saying there's a chance?" she asked, to which he replied, "I didn't say that...but yes." 

Terry's been attempting to convince Lacey and Noah to make the move since season one, so naturally, he was over the moon. 

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