Is Terry Bradshaw One Step Closer to Daughter Lacey Moving to Texas?

By Allison Crist Sep 25, 2020 3:00 PMTags
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As Terry Bradshaw put it on the series premiere of The Bradshaw Bunch, "I got three girls, which means I have three problems."

When it comes to Lacey Luttrull, Terry's issue has to do with the fact that she and her husband Noah Hester, along with their two kids, live all the way in Hawaii. However, both Lacey and Terry's sidekick, 7-year-old Zurie, are already on board to move to Texas. It's just Noah who needs convincing!

So on last night's all-new Bradshaw Bunch, the whole fam set o ut to tour houses (with the help of newly minted real estate agent Rachel Bradshaw!) in hopes that Noah will change his mind. 

But by the looks of the above clip, getting Noah to move may be more difficult than Terry and Lacey thought. 

"Rachel, this is not in the budget," Noah told his sister-in-law while everyone checked out the sprawling house, complete with a giant pool.

"Yeah it is!" Lacey cut in. "I said show us the top of our budget and the bottom of our budget. This is the top!"

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Terry tried to mediate, telling Noah, "The only thing to say is, 'Can't afford it. Great, babe!'"

"Great, babe!" Noah said, only for Terry to tell him, "Do it again."

He did, but Terry clarified he meant the "can't afford it" part. 

"I like 'Great, babe!' better," Erin added, laughing. 

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In a confessional, the couple continued to discuss the matter. 

"I definitely see your point in being here, I just think that the hard decision for me now is that my whole family is in Hawaii," Noah explained to his wife. 

Lacey acknowledged this, replying, "I get it, but I've been there for five years with your family, away from mine. So what if we do a five-year, five-year thing?" 

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"It's the next chapter in our life," Lacey said once they're back house hunting. "You know, I'm ready to turn that page."

And to everyone's delight, Noah gave a somewhat positive response: "I mean, let's carry on. I'm not against it 100 percent. Just 95 percent."

"Okay, well, that's 5 percent less than you were a week ago, so I'll take it!" Lacey exclaimed.

Watch the complete Bradshaw Bunch clip in the above video!