Inside Bachelor Nation Star Ashley Iaconetti's Baby Shower

Bachelor in Paradise star Ashley Iaconetti celebrated her baby shower over the weekend ahead of her baby boy's arrival. Get exclusive details below!

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Watch: Ashley Iaconetti & Jared Haibon Have Babies on the Brain!

Ashley Iaconetti's baby shower looked like a mom-to-be's version of paradise. 

Five months after she and husband Jared Haibon announced that they were expecting their first child together, a baby boy, the Bachelor in Paradise alum enjoyed a fun-filled baby shower on Sunday, Dec. 12 ahead of her little one's arrival.

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Ashley revealed that her baby shower, which was sponsored by Snuggle Me Organic, featured blue and silver decorations for two special reasons.

"My friend Maura Gaudio, of Happening Entertainment, her production company, put together the decor. It was all blue and silvery for, well, one, the boy, and two, because it's winter, so it had that winter feel," Ashley shared. "We had stars up in the sky, and it was very cozy, and very pretty. My sister did a lot of the game planning." 

One of the games, Ashley explained, entailed melting up several types of candy bars in a diaper. "Then," she went on, "you pass the diapers around and you have to figure out which candy bar is melted in there. They really do genuinely look like poop."

Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon's Wedding Weekend

Guests also played a Price Is Right- inspired game where they had to guess how much baby items cost."Carly Waddell, from The Bachelor, was there and she's like, 'I should know all of this off the top of my head, but I guess I don't,'" Ashley recalled. "'I just throw it in the cart because I need it.'"

Ashley, who has documented her road to motherhood on social media, first announced that she and Jared were expecting during an Amazon Live event in July.

She later shared a detailed post about her pregnancy experience on Instagram, writing, "Baby Haibon is due Feb 10th! We're are very excited for that day to come! It's so cool to think I'm creating a human that's half me and half Jared!"

Courtesy of Ashley Iaconetti

"I won't lie though, pregnancy has not been a delight for me," the reality-TV personality admitted. "The nausea has been relentless and I throw up multiple times most days. I knew the first trimester wasn't easy for most, but I didn't imagine my life to come to a standstill feeling like I have an extreme hangover for 5 weeks and counting."

She added, "Thank you all for the love and congratulations today!! Hearing so many stories from followers and friends about their experiences has made me feel better about all the changes my body is going through and a lot less alone!"

In August, the couple, who tied the knot in August 2019, revealed that they were expecting a baby boy.

A month later, the former Bachelor contestant opened up about the not-so-pretty side of pregnancy, telling her followers that she wasn't "close to the glowing stereotype of a pregnant woman."

"I wake up in wet sheets from night sweats daily… the constipation is gnarly…the acne has my self-confidence down (and no, it's not my prenatal. I take one without biotin intentionally)…the congestion and post-nasal drip is disgusting and often nausea-inducing," she detailed in September. "I'm still pretty adverse to most liquids in hydrating amounts…but I'm so thankful my level of comfortability is improving and that the baby boy in my belly is doing well."

To see how they celebrated the little one on his way, go inside Ashley's baby shower below: 

Baby Shower Blues

The soon-to-be boy mom was showered with an array of gifts for her little one, including pint-sized Doc Martens and a personalized New England Patriots ornament. 

Bachelor Besties

Fellow Bachelor alum Carly Waddell had some special presents for the mom-to-be. "Carly got me a onesie that says 'Future Boy Band Member,'" Ashley told E! News, "and then a Jonas Brother onesie."

Snuggle Time

There was no shortage of swag from the shower's sponsor, Snuggle Me Organic.

Milk Drunk

"I got a Tom Brady onesie," Ashley said, "and there's a picture of him drunk after the trophy celebration."

Future Bachelor

Ashley's baby shower wouldn't be complete without a Bachelor—themed outfit for her son. 

Be Our Guest

The mom-to-be told E! News she "had a great group of girls there" but that some of her nearest and dearest had. "Unfortunately, between COVID and sick kids and you know, just the holidays, more than half the guest list couldn't come," Ashley explained. "But it was actually a great round of people and we had a blast. It was one of those parties where you know the time is wrapping up and you're like, 'Oh, man, like, I really wish we had another hour!' And I always feel like that's the way a party should be."

Guessing Game

For one of the games, guests took turns guessing the circumference of Ashley's belly. "The girl who signed up Jared for [The Bachelorette]—who I owe my whole life to, of course, I wouldn't be having a baby if it weren't for her," Ashley said. "She had it perfectly matched."

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