RHOSLC's Mary Cosby Apologizes for "Reckless" Jen Shah Comment After Receiving Backlash

"I used poor judgment in my choice of words. Please accept my apologies," RHOSLC star Mary Cosby shared on Instagram on Sunday, Dec. 12.

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Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Mary Cosby is issuing an apology for what she described as a "reckless" comment on the show.

The reality TV personality recently came under fire for her remarks about "Mexican culture" that was in reference to her co-star Jen Shah. Ahead of the Bravo show's upcoming new episode, the 49-year-old pastor took to Instagram to apologize.

"I would like to take this opportunity to address a comment I made on the last episode of RHOSLC," Mary began her statement on Sunday, Dec. 12. "I used poor judgment in my choice of words. Please accept my apologies."

She continued, "I was not trying to single out the Mexican culture. I am African American and I know racism first hand. I've lived it daily my entire life. It is important to me that you hear this apology directly from me. My comment was reckless. Unintentional. I am truly sorry!"

RHOSLC's Season 2 Taglines

Mary captioned her message, "I love you all," adding several hashtags, including, "#apology #apologyaccepted #makeitright #love #latinos #loveyouall."

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On the show, Mary's co-stars have discussed rumors of her running a cult.

During last week's episode on Dec. 5, she broke down in tears while speaking to co-star Lisa Barlow about how their fellow castmates compared allegations made about her church and her role as a pastor to Jen's legal turmoil. In March, the latter star was arrested for allegedly running a nationwide telemarketing fraud scheme.

"It's not fair to put me with someone so...like, when I think about Jen, I see a heartless...I see a thug," Mary told Lisa. "Like, you know, those Mexican people that make all those drugs. To pit me with that?!"

Fans quickly took to Twitter to criticize Mary's choice of words. One user wrote, "Mary's derogatory comments on last night's #RHOSLC are indefensible."

"Not Mary saying when she thinks of Jen she thinks of a thug like those mexican ppl?!" another person tweeted, with fan account Queens of Bravo adding, "As much as I enjoyed last night's iconic ep. of #RHOSLC, my enjoyment was put on pause as soon as Mary compared Jen to a 'thug, those Mexican people that make all those drugs' and by fat shaming Heather. It was massively disappointing."

Lisa also took some heat, with one fan tweeting, "Can you ask Lisa why she didn't call out Mary for her bigoted comment. That should have been addressed then and there."

However, she defended herself, replying, "I do. Keep watching."

While Jen hasn't publicly commented on Mary's remarks, her arrest and alleged involvement in the telemarketing scheme have been a major plot in the second season of RHOSLC.

Earlier this month, Jen requested that a federal judge drop criminal charges made against her after her attorney alleged that an ABC News documentary, which was recently released on Hulu, violated her right to a fair trial.

However, the judge denied her request, stating in an order obtained by E! News on Dec. 11, "There has been no evidence whatsoever proffered to suggest that Shah's right to a fair trial has been compromised or prejudiced in any respect."

(E! and Bravo are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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